SFGrAM 7/25 - Deja Vu Goodness

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Arrived at the park around 9:40am - walked right in using the Season Pass Holder entrance as the regular entrance was backed up to the Ticket Booths.

Having seen them testing Deja Vu on the way in, I planned on going there right when the ropes dropped at 10am. Ran into my friend Matt at the ropes. While everyone else ran to Raging Bull, we seemed to be the only ones going to Deja Vu (fine with me:) we were the first one there and they already had the restraints up and ready to go for the first ride of the day. After a minute or so wait, they opened the que and we were on the first train out, front row. Awesome ride! I like the back, but I LOVE the front.

Quickly ran off and got back in the small line and then had a back seat ride - within 15 minutes. Back is great for the height, but I really do prefer the front. It was now only 10:25am

I had an exit pass I got from No Coaster Con, and my friend had one to, but left it in his car- so we decided to meet back in front of Deja Vu @ 11:30am. In the meantime I went and rode Raging Bull - 10 min wait. I love RB, especially in the back.

Went and got some cheese fries and waited till it was time to hook up with my friend at 11:30. We walked up the exit stairs and were greeted with a couple people in line waiting to ride. After about 10 minutes we were in the second row (which is almost as good as the very front :) Three awesome rides on Deja Vu and it was now only 11:50 or so.

The rest of the day was spent doing all the other coasters and I talked my friend into doing Dare Devil Dive - I had not been on this particular one and it was fun (albeit small) I have ridden the Kissimmee one so Im a little biased. All in all a great day at Great America.

That's awesome that you got so many rides in such a short amount of time on a Deja Vu, and a ride in the front. Within my 128 coaster track record, the front seat of Deja Vu is a top 10 experience. The front is where it's at!
Thanks Goliath and I couldn't agree more....I've been very lucky with Deja Vu this year. Of the 13 or so times I've been to Great America this year, I've gotten on Deja Vu 9 of those times, sometimes twice in a day. Great America is doing a great job of keeping (or at least trying to keep) the ride up this year.
How long have the waits for Superman been running during peak hours? Just curious for my upcoming trip...
Yesterday it's line was almost to the Carousel Mid-day...expect at least more then a hour wait for it. *** Edited 7/27/2004 6:38:43 AM UTC by CoasterDude316***

The line was over an hour on sunday afternoon.

Down is the new up.
If you are able to buy a FastPass, do it.... you can use it on Superman now - Sunday afternoon the line was an hour & 1/2 - with FastPass I was on in 5 minutes.
Another quick question: is SFGAm using FastPass or Q-Bot?
FastPass - 4 rides for $15
Wrong, they are using Fast LANE. ;)
My bad - you are right SFGA11

I did not realize there was a difference

I was there on 7/25 also!! In fact, we were on the very first train also for the day. We rode second row from back if i remember correctly. We may have seen you there, cause we were waiting at the ropes also. Hmmm, what do you look like, what were you wearing???

"I see black spots." -- Me after riding Titans second helix.
Hey RollerCoaster- I was wearing shorts, a black American Coaster Enthusiast t-shirt - blue tinted sunglasses.
Hmmm, I will ask my wife is she saw you. Some guy talked to us just for a second while we was going up to the line, i guess it wasnt you.
You probably didnt see us, but I was wearing a blue SFoT shirt and my wife was wearing a SFMM shirt. Just in case!! HAHA.
Oh, was your friend wearing an ACE shirt also? from a European coaster con ???

"I see black spots." -- Me after riding Titans second helix.
I vaguely remember your t-shirts, but the guy wearing the European Coaster Con shirt I met that day as well - although he was not the friend I was with.

I'm usually at the park every sunday morning when the ropes drop - if DV is running I go there, or to RB. Maybe we'll meet sometime.

We live in oklahoma, and this was our first time to GrAm. If ever down at SF in Texas let us know.

"I see black spots." -- Me after riding Titans second helix.

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