SFGrAdv-5/25 (now where did i put those keys?)

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Park: Six Flags Great Adventure

Date: Saturday, May 25

Weather: Sunny all day long Group: Me, Chris & Andrea, Tony & Allison, Rick & Rachel, and Andy

Reason: Friday was my high school senior prom, and it has been a long standing tradition to go to Riverside (now SFNE) the day after, but a large group of friends that are very annoying were going up there and we didn’t want to hang out with them, so the 8 of us decided to go to a different after party and then take the 3 hour ride up there.

And also, I wanted to be able to ride Batman: The Chiller w/o lap bars!!!

So, after going to sleep around 4:30 we all woke up at 5:30, showered, and headed out to the park. We got on the highway 6:30 and off we were. After the drive and a few pit stops we hit the park at 9:50 (they wouldn’t let us use the SFNE parking pass.) So me, Chris, Andrea, and Andy got to the gate and waited for them to open so we could get in, but we were also waiting for the other 4 in our group. After about 5 minutes they put up the closed rides list. Looking threw it I saw Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Evolution, and, of course The Chiller.

My heart sank. I had been pumping this ride up to everyone both at the party last night and the entire ride up, so everyone else was disappointed too. Also, through out the walk into the entry area and also through out the park for the rest of the day I was hearing very high praises for the scenery, landscaping, and other such niceties that we don’t get to enjoy at SFNE, or “the fake six fags park” as my friends have dubbed it. I must say that I agree with this, because the entire park was very clean, nice, shaded, and just friendly looking, well, all except for the little spot of hell called the boardwalk, but that comes later.

So we handed in our passes and entered the park, still waiting on the others.

But, while we were waiting, just within the gates, I heard the greatest sound ever…that’s right, the sound of a B: TC train cycling, however free of riders. A large smile grew on my face. I wanted to ditch my group and run in the direction of the ride, but my self-constraint and lack of a cell phone took over, and I waited.

Around 2 minutes later the other kids arrived and we rushed off to the queue.

When we got there we noticed that they hadn’t let people inside yet, so we jumped in the line outside, hopping that they would open up the line. After only a minute or two the guy came around and unlocked the gate…I was very happy. The line was completely un-noticeable. We walked right into the station and found 4 rows, all with only 6 people ahead of us and after about 10 or so minutes we were seated in BATMAN: THE CHILLER (I just decided to do ratings, so here I go; -3 through +5, 0 being nothing good at all, but nothing bad)

Batman: The Chiller: (without lap bars) 5

1997? Premier launched Second to last seat (5.1 I think)

Having your hands up on that launch just felt so great. The gs were everywhere as the speed just kept climbing. It was very exhilarating. Then the robin structure appeared everywhere producing monstrous amounts of head choppers. Then the steep bank into the 90* vertical ascent, while twisting into the left, and then, BAM, the top hat. It felt so great, almost weightless because of the almost consistent radius, but with a good amount of force on the entrance and exit. Then down the vertical twisting decent, huge amounts of g’s on the pull out. Then up into the awesome zero g roll. It felt so amazing without the head banging. It felt like when it reached upside down, halfway threw, it kind of stopped twisting for a second, and it changed from an upward slope to almost straight, then it resumed twisting. It was a very odd feeling, but I thought it was great. This is probably all in my head, but it was really cool. Then we shot up the 45* spike (would be better at 80 or even 90, but it is a nice little breather) and then we shot through the best part of the ride, the backwards zero g roll. Sitting in the back of the train I really didn’t no when it was coming, so it caught me a little off guard, which was even better. The thing just whipped me threw it and I was flung all over the place. The top hat was much the same as forewords, but still great, but that backwards roll was simply amazing.

I cannot find anything wrong with this ride other than its capacity; I only got one ride because after we got off the line was already outside of the building. And then later in the day it was going through almost the entire right outside queue, that must be over a 3-hour wait, 4 hours the way they were dispatching. But the vote was unanimous, everyone of my friends loved it just as much as I did, but all of them (except Andy) put their hands down right after the launch. All around great ride. After standing in the exit tunnel and watching a train shoot off in amazement, we decided (they asked me cause I’m the “coaster guy who knows everything”) to head off further into that side of the park

(yes, I do know that the other side would have been a better choice, but when thinking about it logically: rolling thunder looks like something that wound up in a toilet after someone at a bowl of Colon Blow, so it should maintain a short line through the day; Viper is unbelievably short and would probably be running 2 trains, and since everyone in the world hates it, it will have a relatively short line; and Medusa will have a steady three train op so the line will stay pretty constant, the same with GASM).

so I just decided that it would be better for all of us tired (and some also hung over) to just stay in the short distances. I still wasn’t feeling to well, kind of like I was going to throw up from the night before and the lack of sleep (but hey, ya gotta love prom night) so I decided Batman: The Ride wasn’t the greatest choice for a follow up ride. So instead we headed over to


2001 B&M hyper coaster

Ride 1-back row, right end.


This was not my first ride on nitro, no, that experience came 1 week before closing last year, with 30* temperatures and 50 mph wind gusts (0-10* wind chill factor). Well, I had decided to sit in the front seat (thanks to my sister) so I can say that was a very less than happy experience for me, and it left me with a very bad image of nitro. That ride had given me no air, was very slow, extremely cold, and just boring all around.

This ride, however, was a completely different story. The wait was only 10 or so minutes and we basically hopped right into the back two rows. The ride op hadn’t pushed my bar down at all, so I had a good two or so inches of flying room, nothing too extreme, just enough to let me know when there was airtime and when there was AIRTIME.

Well, I could tell right away that this was going to be a much better ride than that awful one last year. The small drop out of the station actually provided a hint of airtime, which defiantly surprised me. It is kind of interesting, however, my friend asked me why the ride did that little dip thing before the lift, and I really couldn’t provide a good answer. The only things I could come up with were that it catches most people off guard (like me), or it hints a little at things to come, maybe it is for nothing more than giving the people in line something to look at close up. Whatever it is, it does seem kind of pointless, and unnecessary, but I must admit it is more fun than just an un-banked turn. So any way, me and my fellow ‘bouncing souls’ fans that I was seated with exploded into a very loud version of “Here we go here we go here we go” about three quarters of the way up the lift, and we got a good half of the train to start singing with us, as we usually do on S: ROS. This singing turned into loud cries of “HOLY ****” and also a few shouts of “MY BALLS TINGLE” going down that pile of awesomeness called nitro’s first drop. (I threw in that sentence just incase some people hadn’t realized I am a high school kid) That first drop is just amazing. It might not be parabolic, but it has one hell of a pullover followed by massive amounts of ejector air. I was rocketed out of my seat with ferocity, and then thrown back into it at the bottom. This is also one of the main problems, its nothing big, but it has the potential to grow. The bottom of the first drop is a little piece of track with very little elevation change but a slight turn towards the left. But, also at the bottom of the first drop is a massive amount of jack hammering. It wasn’t anything uncomfortable that I mentioned to any of my friends, but it defiantly was there. Not taking anything away from the ride, we shot straight out of jackhammer city and into the wicked second drop. The second drop is nothing but amazing. It slightly lifts you out of your seat and then just THROWS you all the way over to the right in a steep bank and then dives down the drop. I love things like this, an awesome match of turn and drop put together at just the right point. Just greatness. Then it was down into to valley for a photo shoot, then up over the third hill. This time it’s a straight camel back with a good amount of floater air, nothing monumentous. Then it’s a dive with a slight curve up into the hammerhead, which does little for me. It just seems like a rise into a banked turn, just without a pause. Nothing special, nothing much at all. The only good part about the hammerhead is if you sit on the right you can completely throw your whole body over the side, and it feels really cool in the open trains. But if you sit anywhere else its pretty boring. Then comes another fun camel back, again nothing special. After that comes another twist n’ dive combination like drop two, but this time its a lot less effective, but its still fun. After this comes a helix with a medium amount of force. Again, nothing special, but still fun. After the helix is the block break, and then the series of rather ineffective bunny hops. Only the first and the last gave any air, the rest were just kind of there. Over all, nitro is a real good coaster with an excellent first drop and a lot of floating air. It is, however, nothing special, and nothing that has made any type of disruption in my top ten list. It is a solid coaster with great pacing, but when S:ROS is my home park steel, this just doesn’t come to close. It is, however, a fun ride with excellent capacity, and also the only ride that we rode again during the course of the day (1 ride was enough to satisfy me on all the other coasters, and since I was with a bunch of exhausted non-enthusiasts, I was perfectly content with what I got.)

However, right after nitro my friends decided to grab a ride on the river rapids. Not wanting to walk around in wet socks and boxers all day long, Andy and me decided to grab another spin on nitro. This time we got in the 7th row and enjoyed a ride much the same, except this time I sat on the left outside and the ride op stapled me. But hey, no hard feelings, as long as the train was out of the station quickly. After this we met right back up with our group to find them all drenched and complaining. I knew I had made the right choice.

Next we decided to jump into the skull mountain queue, only to find no one there.


Year? Builder?

Last seat


The last and only time I rode Skull Mountain was back in 99 and I had sat in the middle of the very, very long train. I had a very good time on this ride and was very surprised back in 99, but this time it was little more than ok. The line was almost non-existent, so me and Andy hoped in the back while the others waited. The ride was ok, the drop off of the lift provided some airtime, and the turns and such that followed were fun, but nothing special at all. It seemed to be kind of slow, but still a fun ride. The noises that I remember from my other ride were turned off, but there were giant black-lit skulls hanging from the ceiling that provided no thrill at all and just looked really corny. There was some annoying girl screaming high-pitchedly throughout the entire ride that was very, very annoying. But it was still fun.

On the way out of the train, our friends were the next ones to ride so me and Andy leaned over and started shouting about how great the ride was to them, and how it was the best coaster so far. It was very funny to us.

Next we took the sky way over to the frontier old west section and we decided to hop on Runaway Mine Train, as it was right there and had no line. So:


1970’s(?) Arrow mine train.

Somewhere in the middle


Well this is always a dumb little coaster with no air, no forces, and no speed. But then you look at the seat your sitting in and realize that this ride, in its entirety, was designed for little kids. It was fun though, riding with a kid who’s 6’5 and lanky as hell, trying to fit in those seats. It was a fun ride, nothing else.

Next we grabbed some great lunch from the CASA DE TACO that was WAY too overpriced. (10.50 for a chicken fajita, a small amount of Spanish rice, a few nachos, and a large iced tea. That’s a little much, but it was really good.) This is also where, I think, Chris (the driver of my car) threw away his keys…but I guess this type of stuff happens to everyone, but still, we are 3 and a half hours away from home, and he is not a member of triple A, but I’ll get into that a little later (well, at the speed that this is going it will be about 10 pages later (I’m typing this up on Word before converting it to e-mail because I have come to terms with how long trip reports take me to type and how long they are, and so far I am on my 4th roller coaster and only 1 1/2 , 2 hrs into my day and I am already on page (most of the papers and short stories I type for my advanced composition class are only 3 pages…I guess this shows where my priorities are)))

After that 4 people in our group decided to go into the safari, while we rode the coasters, and we would meet up in an hour. We figured that would be enough time to jump on the three other coasters in the area. So after another two or so minutes of sitting down in the shade and letting our food digest, we went off to the small area housing Viper and Rolling Thunder. A little hesitantly I said that we should ride Viper first, for no reason at all.


199? Togo heart line looper

Seat 3.1


Every other time I have been to Gadv I was never able to do anything except look at this ride, so seeing it run was very exciting and also nerve racking. Watching the ride you can visually watch the train slam back and forth around the first turn into the first inversion. You can see the people slam back and forth between the restraints, but then you can also see them walking out the exit with hardly any bad words and mostly smiles. It was finally my turn to give an opinion of this ride that most hate.

We walked most of the way through the very nicely themed queue and up the stairs into the station. The first thing I want to talk about on this ride is its themeing. I really did like it, although it is one that is used over and over again. The deserted Wild West town is really cool looking. There are entire buildings that serve no purpose other than to make it more realistic. The tall weeds and desert dirt feeling just really all fit together and give the ride another half point from me.

The trains are also unbelievably cool looking. Having never saw the ride run I never really got to appreciate the bright green snake looking trains. The trains aren’t exactly sleek looking, but they are a great contrast to the nothing but earth tones that are surrounding you.

I stepped into the car, pulled down the very padded lap bar, then slid down the very un-padded OTSR (you slid them straight down onto your shoulders instead of pulling them down around you.) I was extremely nervous for some reason, and I didn’t know why. Maybe it was because of the consistently bad reviews of head banging and roughness that I was worried about, but I was very excited also. Went around the turn, up the lift, around the turn on the top and then BAM! That first drop gets very steep, very fast. I was very surprised by the airtime I received; it was very, very good. Then I was slammed hard into the banked left hand upward turn. It was quite uncomfortable, and then at the top your banking straightens out and then continues to rotate until your 5/8ths of the way threw another inversion that turns into a wannabe dive loop, all the while being thrown every which way, and not in a comfortable way. Then after that very uncomfortable inversion you’re still going a good 40-50 mph. Then you rocket throw another left-hand turn, this one with little elevation change, and actually comfortable. Next you straighten out and your heading on a downward tilted flat surface for a second or two and then comes the greatest part of this ride: the heart line roll.

The heart line roll, I cannot say enough good things about this. This might actually be better than B&M’s zero g roll (but I still think that B: TC’rs backwards roll has the edge). But this thing amazed, and surprised me. There is no head banging, no uncomfortable ness, just pure weightlessness. It is a very cool feeling, rotating right around the middle of your body, and because of how fast your going it just feels so right. Then comes a hard left turn and a slam into the breaks.

Another good feature of this ride are those rings. Because of the restraint design you can put your hands up, but those rings look really close, a little to close to put your hands up. My very tall friend Andy said that he actually had to close his eyes whenever the train was going through the rings.

When we got off of the ride the other three kids I was with all immediately commented on how awesome the heart line was. We actually stopped and watched the next train running through it from a head on view, and then again from a side view. It really is a great inversion, however on a rather crappy coaster. Since we were right next door we decided to hop on


1970’s(?) Cobb dual track semi-racer

Seat 2.3


Only the side that is on the right going up the lift hill was running, so we walked into the queue and jumped on the train without a wait. Of course, this in just a pale shadow of what it was back 4 years ago when I was on my 8th grade field trip. It is nothing but a load of rotted wood, uncomfortable turns, crawling over the hills. There is no grease, and there hasn’t been any in at least a few years. The side friction wheels haven’t been changed in forever, and it hasn’t been painted since the eighties I’m guessing. It is a very sad ride, and I truly do hope that GADV never receives another wood coaster, even though they really could use one.

I’m not going to make any comments on the ride other than it was uncomfortable, boring, and sad. Also the screeching noise around the turns gave me a headache. Not a good ride anymore, not at all.

These two rides had taken us about 15 minutes total, and we were meeting the animal people in about an hour, so we rushed over to:


1999 B&M Floorless coaster

Back seat, Left side.


Every time I ride this my opinion of it goes down. The first time I rode it I was simply amazed by the zero g roll, and also the ground hugging helix. Then, last winter, I rode again in the front seat and the ride did almost nothing for me, it was slow and quite boring. But that was in the cold late fall with high wind (see pre-nitro review) This ride the queue line was not going through any of the switchbacks and was also taking the short cut, instead of going around the tree or whatever is there. However, this is a very bad choice because the line started very far away from the queue line and this system promoted great amounts of chaos and line jumping and just overall confusion. By the time we had reached the stairs they actually opened up their eyes and decided to let people around the trees and through a couple switchbacks.

Also during this line my friends (all of whom were very, very interested about this type of stuff) were asking me all sorts of roller coaster and manufacturer related questions (the difference between the zero g rolls on B: TC and medusa being one and also the general differences between the manufacturers of the different coasters and their styles and such…for not knowing anything about roller coasters technically their comments exceeded what I would have expected (such as how S:ROS feels a lot less restrained than nitro and also how they much preferred the twister style of the SFNE cyclone to the “straight drops” style of rolling thunder, and also how they much preferred the old, rough cyclone to the new smooth first drop.))

It was actually a fun (and also rewarding for me, intellectually enlightening for them) line.

But on to the ride After about a 30-minute wait, most of the time with all trains stacked, we jumped in the back seat and headed out of the station. I had never sat in the back seat, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Out of the station and up the lift, with a good view of about 20 or so monkeys on top of a bus

(side note: it seems that when my friends were driving threw the monkey portion there was another bus with a large amount of monkeys on top of it that all of a sudden floored it and about 5 monkeys went flying off of the back, almost hitting my friends car.)

Then we banked left and went down the boring and uninteresting first drop. Up into the first loop with very little force, but a massive amount of hang time

(another side note, this time one that I have though about for a while. We all know that in vertical loops the force we feel pushing us into the seat is centripetal force (not centrifugal, because there is no such thing, while inside the plane of reference you must recognize that everything is backwards, you are not pushing against you seat, your seat is pushing against you…the only thing that I learned from AP physics) so, since you are being pushed against your seat in an upward motion, completely against gravity, this could also be called negative g force…or more correctly negative vertical g force…so if you wanted to be a real jerk and show up a real hard-core ACE coaster enthusiASSt, just say to him or her “wow, the negative g force in this loop sure do astound me” or some other lame comment just to provoke a reply, then you can give them a little lesson in physics, then you can shout BOO-YA way louder then necessary, it will be fun, I swear).

Then up into the diving loop, again with little force. Then into the very good zero g roll, which always surprises me a little. Next comes the boring cobra roll right over the entry way and up into the break run (which was grabbing hard.) Then comes a little dive into the ground hugging helix that was not producing that much force. After this comes that little direction changing sort-of bunny hop (banking left, rises sharply and at the apex of the hill the banking quickly changes to right for the flat spin entrance.) On this particular day, in this seat, this became my favorite part of the ride. It was just the wild direction changes and the slight airtime that I wasn’t expecting, it just all worked together for me. Then came the two O.K. flat spins and the short trip up onto the ending brakes

(where we waited for a good 10 minutes, because of a handicapped person riding (this is not blaming, just giving the cause of the delay, I know some cynical people might think that I was being insensitive, but I am not.))

Over all it was a good ride, not a great one. Nothing spectacular, but still good…just forceless.

Now it was time to head back to CASA DE TACO and wait for the others to meet up, but they were not there when we arrived, so Andy and me hopped on the nearby rotor, or whatever they call it. It was a fun ride, nothing special. It was defiantly not as fast as the one at Lake Compounce or the old one that used to spin at Riverside, but it was fun nonetheless.

When we got off Chris and Andrea told us that the others were still in the safari and would not be back for a little while, so we headed over to GASM, which also meant venturing all the way through the boardwalk section of the park. What a horrible experience. It was the most crowded area of the park (even thought there was no one in the GASM queue), filled with fixed games with loud and annoying barkers with microphones) yelling at us, all the while without any trees or plant life at all. The hot sun was beating down and there was not the slightest hint of a breeze. It was really, really bad. But despite this we walked into the queue for:

(I have now reached page nine of this TR)


1989 or 1990 Arrow 7 looper.

Seat 1:2


The queue had a bunch of nice pictures and facts about stand out coasters in other six flags parks, and also the TV screens were working, however crapily with very dirty glass and a lot of static, but cartoons are cartoons. Also, the Iced Tea machines were not working, so I was stuck drinking a 2.50 bottle of Power-Aid. After a 15-minute wait, five of which being a switch from 2 to 3-train operation (which I did not understand as they were stacking the 2, then the 3) we hopped in the back seat of the front car, after hearing numerous times that the front was the best.

Let me just start out by saying GASM was DEFFINATLY NO ORGASMIC (I hope that is not in TOS violation…but then again, I doubt anyone actually read this far). It was slow, boring, and painful. Every loop just slammed you hard in-between the OTSR and the seat, not head banging, but rather body banging. It was very painful, but even worse was the horrible neck snapping transition into the block breaks…I really hope this thing does not get grand fathered in to the new NJ G force laws, because it must be in sever violation of the lateral g limit. Also, the block break was grabbing hard and bringing the train to a complete stop, making it crawl threw the rides finale.

This made the boomerang even more uncomfortable, with unbelievable amounts of the front to back banging motion.

Then it came, completely out of nowhere, completely unexpected. It was like the clouds had come and covered every part of this coaster, but the sun was still shining bright on THE CORCKSCREWS. I was completely astounded by them; there was no head banging, no discomfort of any kind. They were magnificently disorienting, but also with the same amount of force being exerted on the body the entire time. I was amazed. Then we went back up into the station, where we sat on the breaks for a little while.

After getting off with a slight head ach we met up with the other four kids and they decided to get in line for Dino Island, which had a full queue spilling out into the midway and moving horribly slow. And then, when I thought I was going to get out of the hot sun and into some shade we entered the most poorly ventilated building I have ever been in. I could barely breath, there were no open windows other than the entrance, and there were no large fans or air conditioning at all. So after about 10 minutes I decided to just go outside and wait for them, so I left and watched the Top Spin, which was running a very good and fun looking program. i did this for about five minutes and then they all came outside, agreeing with me that the wait was too long and uncomfortable to sit though.

So we noticed that Freefall was now running, and decided to head over in Batman’s direction…But first Rick decided to loose about 20 bucks on the dumb game where you throw the wiffle ball against the board and try to get it to bounce into the basket. The only way to win at this game is to wait until the op turns around and then gently place the ball in the bucket…uhhh…I mean…uhh…cheating’s bad, you shouldn’t cheat Um-Kay.

But first I stopped and grabbed one of the giant, very good looking pretzels with the really cool sounding flavors (of which they had none, so I got salt and scraped most of it off.) It was a really good pretzel; they actually grilled it for a minute which gave a very unique, and good flavor. So we walked over to batman, noticed that the line had not changed at all since the morning (following the entire inside maze, but just a straight line in the “park.” So we jumped in line for one of every body’s favorite roller coasters


1995(?, I’m not good with dates if you haven’t noticed) B&M Inverted

Back- Right


The line moved fast and after only about 30 minutes we were sitting in the back row, ready to get going. Every one is probably very familiar with this layout, so ill just say that it was a great ride. Intense as ever, yet still completely smooth. No real bumping around or anything to that effect. This ride just doesn’t let up. The inversions fly by one after the other in rapid succession without any time to breath (and the loops are filled with negative g’s J). It is just a great coaster experience. The helixes and low turns toward the end are just as powerful as the rest of the ride, and also very close to the ground. It is just a great coaster all around, there’s not much else to say about it (and I seem to have a lot to say about everything.)

After this ride we headed over to the food court where a few people grabbed corndogs and such, but I wasn’t all too hungry. When they finished we headed over to freefall for a very fun ride (I like the Intamin 1st gens. Better than the giant drops for some reason…they just feel more real to me, and also a lot scarier)

Then we grabbed another back seat ride on NITRO, and headed off toward the entrance.

No, I did not say we left…because it’s awfully hard to leave a park if you are three hours away from home and you no longer have a set of keys. So, to make a very long story short (although its usually the opposite with me,) after going up the exit of every ride and asking all the ride ops if they had found our keys (which included running from one end of the park to the other twice for me and Chris, as the others decided to sit around and be worthless) we were completely empty handed. So we called triple A, had them come down, and somehow they broke in to our car, took the whole locking thing apart, and then made us a new key right there on the spot. It was, over all, a great day at the park, although I could have done without those last 2-3 hours of running and searching.

It was a very good prom weekend, and now we were all exhausted, so I fell asleep in the back of the car and woke up once we reached my block back in good ol’ West Haven, CT

Mike -

If you read this entire thing I am very sorry for wasting that much of your time, and also, you have some problems…but then again I did write it…

Yes, it took me at least four edits because for some reason wrd documents are not coasterbuzz compatible...uggg

*** This post was edited by Messiah of the DMV on 6/1/2002. ***

*** This post was edited by Messiah of the DMV on 6/1/2002. ***

*** This post was edited by Messiah of the DMV on 6/1/2002. ***

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"Ain't no glory in a war"
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I have also stated that observation about B&R: tc. The zero G roll twists the equivilant of 160 degrees at a rate of 30 degrees a foot. Then, around 160, the rate decreases to about 15 to 20 degrees a foot. Around 210 or 220 degrees, it kicks back up to 30 degrees a foot.

If you stand over by the water effect, and watch a train go through the roll, you can see that its rotation increases, decreases, then increases again.

How much more floorless can they get?

Great TR very very very well written, everyone should take it as an examle of how to do a TR. Awesome Job.

The Beast and Night, They go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

dude, thanks for the kind words...i wrote this over a week at like 1 o clock in the morning every night...it definatly took me a while.

but thanks alot for the kind words


-will be writing a TR from lake compounce maybe next week, from pyhsics day


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-it took so long, it deserves some replys


Great TR, man.. I felt the same way when I wrote my long TR (though not quite as long as yours).. I wanted people to read it! :O)

Sorrrrrrrry folks! Parks closed. The moose out front should have told you.

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