SFGrAdv - 4/12

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Weather: Cool, Sunny

Good news to report on Great Adventure (probably for the first time by me). I stopped by the park around 1:00PM on this day and found crowds to be very light. I was just stopping by so only rode a few rides: Nitro (walk on), Batman: The Ride (walk on), Blackbeard (walk on), Skull Mountain (walk on), GASM (Walk on), Rolling Thunder (walk on).

The park looks great. It looks like the park has finally reacted in a positive way to complaints about neglect. Everything was freshly painted, ride crews, although not enthusiastic, were certainly more efficient. Flat rides were open and, considering the light crowd, most concessions were open. The crowd too was more family oriented. Overall an especially nice experience.

Superman was being feverishly worked on but looked good. Not quite as large as I had expected (similar in size to Batwaing and X-Flight). The colors looked good and it adds a bit more color and exitement to the generally lousy Midway area back by GASM. The station is elaborate for SFGrAdv and the queues actually utilize an iota of creaticity. Bravo.

My only disappointment on this day was Rolling Thunder. The paint job looks wonderful, but the ride is actually worse than it has been in years. The tracks visibly and audibly scream for maintenance. A coat of paint is a good first step, but rehab requires greasing those tracks.

I hope SFGrAdv guests have a spectacular season - this year it might prove achievable.

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