I will have about 5 hours this coming Wednesday from noon to 5 pm in NJ. I am wondering if I should go to Great Adventure. Is the park too busy to visit for 5 hours? What would be the crowd like on weekdays?

I am interested in El Toro, Nitro and Medusa mostly. Thanks in advance.

Yes it is, if you read my TR I just made, you will know all about the park and it's operations. It's just an ok place, if the rides are actually running.
Noon to five could be quite busy depending on the day. Or, it could be dead. Great Adventure is really hit or miss. I love lots of their rides, but the operations of the park can be great or cr@ppy.

If you only are interested in those three rides though, you'd have a really good chance of getting on them - maybe even multiple times. El Toro and Nitro are totally worth the trip. Medusa is too, but lots of people don't like it as much as I do. I could ride it all day. You did pick the three best rides in the park though. :)

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