SFGAm_7-2-03 (Georgia, Fluff, Binks, and Lauren)

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I arrived at the park at about noon. I was with my sister, my sister’s friend, and a friend who lives in Georgia. (I can’t use their real names so I’ll call my sister: Fluff, my sister’s friend: Lauren, and the one from Georgia: Georgia)

Georgia had never been to the park before so we took a spin on the beautiful Columbia Carousel. I got bored but they all had fun. Then we needed to process Lauren’s season pass but the center didn’t open ‘til 2 so we rode:

Triple play: 8/10

Whizzer: 8/10: Great Family ride! I rode in the front row so you get an amazing view of the surrounding area and you feel like your going so much faster then you really are!

Triple Play: 8/10

At this time the center opened so we took a few minutes to process her season pass. Then we decided to do a water ride. It was so hot so a ride on Roaring Rapids Sounded nice.

On the way we did Condor: 5/10

Roaring Rapids: 9/10: I haven’t ridden this in years and I got soaked in freezing water! It felt so good. This ride was much more fun then I remembered. Also: What’s with the freaky Martian Themeing? I know the spaceship used to go on the orbit during Fright Fest. And the year that Mars Attacks came out, Hometown square was Area 51, and the Martians are from the Float that year, but why are they in the Cave, don’t they have anything better to do with them? It was kind of cool though.

Our next stop was Yankee Harbor. Ice Mountain Splash and Batman were closed all day, V2 had a long line and Whirligig is not my favorite so we did ERC.

ERC: 8/10: This is a very spinney ride.

We headed through Yukon Territory and saw that Logger’s Run had a hugely long line. So we skipped that. At this point we realized this was a very crowded day and we should wait to do most of the thrill rides later that night. We headed into County Fair only to be met with more long lines. Iron Wolf was almost in the Midway and Fiddler’s Fling was in the Midway!

So we headed to American Eagle: 9/10: This was my first time going Backwards! I think I like it a lot better Backwards! It’s smoother, The First Drop is Amazing and all the Bunny Hops give you a lot of Airtime.

After this we went to Demon: 7/10: I like this ride, especially the tunnels. But the Corkscrews are a little bumpy and this is a pretty short ride. But great airtime on the first drop I almost stood up completely! But then my OTSR stapled to me on the first loop.

Next stop was Southwest Territory, Bull and Viper’s line was long so we rode the Flats!

Ricochet: 7/10

River Rocker: 7/10

None of us could handle the spins of Chubasco and Trailblazer was closed. So our next stop was Superman. This was my shortest wait ever for superman. It didn’t spill into the midway! And it didn’t twist under the White Building! They have so much more themeing! Grass And Trees, flowers and the yellow safety line was finally painted! And the Pretzel loop is amazing! 9/10.

It was past seven so most of the crowed was gone so we headed to Viper. 9/10. Rode 1:3. Great Airtime. This is just such a fun ride.

Then I went with Georgia to Bull, and Lauren and Fluff went to Viper again. And we would meet in Front of Peabody’s after the rides were done. I Had to Convince Georgia that she wasn’t going to die on the first drop! And this ride was a heck of a lot better then I remember it! I haven’t been to the park with people who like this ride for so long! So I haven’t ridden it for years! But I’m going with all of my Thrill-seeker friends for Fiesta Mexicana so it should be fun. 9/10

We got to Peabody’s before they did and we were surprised because they even had the employee that gets rid of chaos in the Viper Station. We noticed that Trailblazer was up and running after the incident. So we rode it. 7/10

Then we headed over to the Eagle again. The Red side broke down so we had to go to blue and I loved it again.

Then it was time for Iron Wolf. 7/10. A bit bumpy but a fun ride. And it was Georgia’s Favorite of the day. Then we wanted to do V2 but it was closed. So we rode ERC again. We had the Slowest Ride op I have ever seen! This was our last ride. We saw the end of the Parade on the way out.

Overall 9/10. It was a great day I’m just mad V2 was closed and Eagle and Bull’s Brakes were horrible. But other then that it was great.

Thanks for reading.

Batman was down all day?

Hmm, wonder whats wrong with it? It rarely goes down the entire day.

Arena football has arrived in the Windy City. Go "Chicago Rush"

You said that Trailblazer was up and running after the incident. I know that it was sorta tilted but what exactly happened?

"Please stand behind the yellow line as the gates in front of you will be closing"
Clear for launch............. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

I was there yesterday , it wasn't as bad as you made it out to seem. The longest I had to wait for a ride besides Superman was 30 mins for V2 and this was earlier in the day. I was mad though because yes Batman was down all day but otherwise I have nothing to complain about it was another great day at the park. Good TR though.
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I still don't know why batman was down, but yes it was down all day. and trailblazer has been closed since the angle thingy, that's all.
Batman was also down all day today, 7/3/03....hmm...odd..

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Batman is having mechanical problems and is expect to reopen on Monday.


That's funny because it wasn;t supposed to be open on Tuesday either. But it did eventually open up.

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