SFGAm Trip report 5/30/04

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This is my first trip report. (please be nice)
I woke up and saw the weather was calling for storms all day. I left hoping it wouldnt rain all day but if it did I would see the shows.
The day started off with me at the chain inside the park at 10 am no rain yet. As soon as the chain drops mad dash to Deja Vu. At 10:02 it starts to rain, just my luck. I was waiting for two of my friends to show and saw DV was running(which was odd as it hardly runs and certainly not at 10 am. I was torn because no one was at the park because of the forcasted weather.I was going to get on but dcided to wait for my friends who are always late. Well needless to say my luck continued (all bad) I might add. They sent one ride and then closed it down due to weather.I could have rode but waited 15 more mins for them in the rain. We went on Chubasco 2x (tea cups) because it was covered. Then decided to ride Stargate (much better than any previous motion sims that have been there) also 2x. On to lunch
just to kill time till the magic show. Magic show was ok. It should have been better but the guy needed more practic as he was screwing up most of the tricks. Also the dancers were terrible. After the show we went outside to notice it was a nice 74 degrees with no rain and all rides open (more or less). We hit loggers run 3x and roaring rapids because we were already soaked from the rain. Everyone had left due to the rain (all rides except the next one) which was Rajun Cajun which we had heard may operate today. We saw it open and we decided to try it out. I never have been on a spinning coaster before and man did that thing spin. It was much better than I thought. On paper 44ft high doesnt sound impressive-(being that Im more into Millenium Force and TTD). When we got off the ride the sun came out and it was getting hot out. Suddenly my friend noticed he lost his has and went to the ride op who said he could get it mailed to him. He also informed us the park would close at 4:30 instead of the posted 9PM-We were like why because it was beautiful out. He had informed us inclement weather was approaching (T-Storms and possible 2 inch hail and tornados) gotta love Chicago weather. Well they tried really hard to make us happy and gave everyone a ticket to return anyday we wanted. Nice gesture even though I have a season pass. All things considered a good day just a shortened one.

Cedar Point -How an amusement park should be run.

Sounds like fun (sort of). That must of kind of sucked to go to the shows all day. Did you get to go on any other coasters or rides? I have'nt been to SFGAm in three years. I really should make a trip back there!
Actually I forgot we did ride Batman twice and vertical velocity twice. The messed up thing was they never told anyone they would close at 4:30 -we only found out cause of the lost hat. Everyone was told by announcment that the park would close in ten minutes. People were mad cause it got so nice out and we toughed out the weather. Then all of a sudden they said 10 min to close and everyone said it must be a mistake cause its so nice out. It was an abrupt end to the day but the free ticket to return was nice.

Cedar Point -How an amusement park should be run.

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