sfgam trip on 08/07/01 part 3 (sorry for 3 parts)

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Wednesday, August 8, 2001 12:01 PM
We went on the Raging Bull again. We used a fast pass. The line was about an hour 15 minutes. We waited 10 minutes. I almost blacked out a quarter way through the ride. I swear to god. I don't know if it was the heat or the amount of coasters I had ridden, but I saw stars. Instead of being afraid, I proudly exclaimed, "I almost blacked out!!" I took my knowledge from earlier in the day and made an awesome pose for the camera. My arms were in a flexed position and my face said, "This ride rules!" I didn't buy the picture, but I should have.

Now come The Demon. Another walk-on. That meant I didn't have to hear the whole Demon song. That was a big highlight of the day. My whole party agreed that the ride was kind of rough, but still a good coaster. Somehow, we managed to get wet from the water fall that is part of the theming. That's not supposed to happen.

V2 again. The line was about an hour. We used our last fast pass and waited 30 minutes. We talked to a ride operator while waiting. She said the ride was down a little during the day because the brakes were over-heating. You could feel the heat coming off of the cars. She said on a day as hot as it was, there is no way to keep the ride cooled down. As soon as we were in front of the line, it broke down again. We don't know what from, but it was fixed quickly. This time we sat in the car second from the front. We felt a big part of the spiral this time. It was better than out first ride. It's nice that V2 is getting some attention because of Deja Vu not running. It's pretty obvious that Deja Vu was going to get all the attention since it appears Six Flags is marketing anything they can think of with the Deja Vu name.

We went on Shockwave again to end the day. It was down earlier in the day, but I don't know why. It was a walk-on. This time we both really felt the headbanging on the part of the ride where it takes you up a hill and makes a sharp turn to the left. It's right where you almost stop before another drop. My girlfriend banged incredibly hard and actually asked me, "What the hell was that?" I told her it was the ride. And she knows where her head has to be so it doesn't get banged. As much as I love this ride, there is no doubt to me that people who have complained of headbanging on it were telling the truth.

I got my first re-ride ever as I went on Shockwave one more time. My girlfriend got off because of the headbanging on the previous run. The ride was exactly the same and after that I was sure I was done for the day.

This was the most productive day I have had out of the many times I have attended my home park. I can't wait to ride Deja Vu if it ever opens. A lot of the older rides seem to be showing their age, but the new ones are worth riding again and again. If you go to this park, get the fast pass, get there early, and keep yourself cool. If you can get free water, take advantage of it. Every booth was giving us free ice water. We needed it. The park could have been cleaner, but it has an over-all great atmosphere.

I was surprised and happy that my girlfriend's 54 year old mother went on all of the rides. Except the Eagle. The Raging Bull was her favorite. Even old people like rides.

"La La La... at the DEMON! Blah blah blah blah at the DEMON! (I swear if I ever have to hear that song again..)
Wednesday, August 8, 2001 8:05 PM
So where is Part 4? LOL!!! The heat in the Chicago area has been intense. I dont know how you dealt with it except for the water rides. Always sit in the rear seat of Shockwave. This reduces the headbanging into the block brake.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2001 8:13 PM
I just watched the news and the Cubs game and the temperature was 120 degrees!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2001 8:43 PM
So was 14 rides on 9 coaster good considering it was 120?


"La La La... at the DEMON! Blah blah blah blah at the DEMON! (I swear if I ever have to hear that song again..)

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