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Saturday, May 12, 2001 6:50 PM
So I get line for the Metra, and they're only running one train. So I skip that. Just kidding.

Seriously, I arrived at the park around 12:45. I placed my bag in the lockers and stood in the first que line, which was the entrance. I headed left to ride.....

Batman: which was a 20 min wait for the front seat. The ride was intense as always, In the words of Forrest Gump, ah have nothing much else to say about that.

On my way out of the Gotham City expressway, I noticed construction workers fiddling with whirligig. I then took a glance left to check out the small yellow and greenish-blue coaster. The construction workers were busy on the queue, which was looking near done. The sign and the entrance were halfway done also.

(Random thoughts)
Wow, is it me, or does this thing look HUGE. I don't remember SUE being that big. Then again, everything looks distorted when your'e runnin' on 2 hours of sleep. Great use of the water under the twist and spike. The faux futuristic-looking lights are going to look so cool at night.

After gawking at v2, I notice a small line, so I jet over to...

Iron Wolf: I sat in the very back. Upon cresting the lift, I prayed that my ears would be spared. I opted to use common sense instead of faith and put my hands in between my ears and the pads; palms inward. A little less rough, still intense as always. That's all she wrote on that one.

I then sprint walked by the big white one, which was only running one side. I then walked by the coaster Great America keeps on tellin' me that I've ridden already. Construction workers were installing the cable on the second tower, which is now tracked.

(random thoughts)
Wow, is it me, or does this thing look HUGE. I don't remember...OK, end of the joke. Deja VU looks humungous, but it also looks extremely compact for something that big.
You can expect an intense ride out of this one.
You can expect an intense ride out of this one.

I then entered Southwest Territory to catch a ride on an old favorite. I saw the full line for the drop, so I passed that. I also saw a long line for...

Raging Bull: Since they were running all three, I waited in line, which was an hour. I was at the station, when I noticed the short line for the front. I couldn't pass that up. The ride is still extremely pleasing in the front, but the real ride was saved for later.

After the bull, I saw a really good looking girl that probably was too young for me. I then looked over her shoulder to catch a good glimpse at...

Viper: The line was 20 mins with approximately another 20 mins for the station line!! I sat in the ejector seat(Train 1; Row 3). For the first time, the ride seemed slow!! It barely squeeked through it's turns. In fact, it squeeked, and it squeeked loud! It squeeked louder than I've ever heard before. Somebody get some Crisco!

After that, I stood in line to get my season pass processed. It took about 25 mins to get it done. I got a bad picture as always. I was going to ride Demon, but a set of some trampoline bungee type devices blocked my path and I was too lazy too walk around. Whizzer was closed also. I then proceeded to cut through hundreds of people to ride....

Shockwave: The wait was 30 minutes for this. I NEVER mess around with the front seat anymore(just look at the riders' heads after it exits the two loops). I sat in the back, which does have the better first drop. I almost blacked out on the infamous tight loop, tight pullout, tight loop, tight pullout, tight turn combo. It wasn't anything new. You know... they say that you lose brain cells every time you grey out. ii d higno knoooow whaat they takin bout witg dat#@%

I'm getting tired of typing this. Anyways, I took the long trek from Shockwave to...

American Eagle: They were running 3 trains (2 red and 1 blue). Guess what side I picked? You guessed right if you picked the South Side. It seemed like people were forgetting about the front, so I quietly shimmied my way to the front, which only had two couples ahead of me. Oh my gosh they actually raced it this time. On my way to the double helix, I made faces at the blue side, because I believed we would leave them in the dust, as always. I was so wrong. The blue side left us in the dust. What made it worse (or better), was that the red side didn't slow down any more than normal. I was too shocked to remember the rest of the ride. After that suprise, I realized that my time was running short. I'f I wanted to catch the 7:10 train going back to Chicago, I had to leave by 5:30. I went back for another round on...

Raging Bull: Another hour wait. I noticed v2 fully testing also. I also saw an empty train run it's circuit without breaks. Man I wish I there was some kind of way I could have jumped in that seat. Back to the ride. This time I sat in the back, which to me, is the only seat. I don't have to tell you how it was do I? It was the same super snap action on the first drop and the numerous spots of airtime, laterals, and postive G's: all adding up to a perfect ride for me.

It was time to go, with only 20 minutes left to spare. All in all, it was a good visit. I would have spent more time, but I became bored with the same ol' rides so I left. I didn't get my hand stamped and got my belongingd out of the locker. I dusted off my leftover McDonalds chicken sandwich and said goodbye until May 26th.

Saturday, May 12, 2001 7:54 PM
Great TR Goonsta!

goonsta said:
After the bull, I saw a really good looking girl that probably was too young for me. I then looked over her shoulder to catch a good glimpse at...

Funny stuff. ;) Any ways, glad you had a good time, later!

Webmaster:SFGAm 2001
Sunday, May 13, 2001 3:51 AM
Man, you are funny! I was thinking, uh oh, what did he see over the girl's shoulder...... this one will get nuked! This has to be the best TR I have read. I can't wait to go to Gurnee later this year to see how The Bull measures up to The Chariot!

"It's Sadie Hawkins Dance, I'll wear my khaki pants, there's nothin' better" relientK

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