SFGAm quick trip. (06/17)

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Man, I am really giving my SF season pass a workout so far this year. 7 trips to SFGAm and 1 trip to SFWoA. I would say this years season pass has absolutely more than paid for itself.

This was a spur of the moment trip once again for me. For some reason my addiction to coasters has increased this year so I hop in the car once again and make the 45 minute trek to Gurnee, Ill.

Got to the park about 4:30 pm. Crowds were moderate but not to bad. The threat of rain was around the whole time but ended up maybe raining twice for about 10 minutes each time.

Every coaster was running today but one. Can ya guess which one that is? OH no, no, no, no. It wasnt Deja-Vu or V2. It was actually Batman:TR. One of the trains was stuck on the lift hill the whole time I was there. I was actually shocked because I dont think in the last 10 years that I have been going while Batman has been around that I would see it down the whole time. :(

Other than that, I had a decent time.

1. Viper: I decided to try the infamous 1.3 car of the train and my god I am now a believer. Absolute insane ejector air and laterals through the turnarounds. This is now the money seat for me. Bye, bye back car!! :)

2. American Eagle: I havent been on the forward red side this year so I figured now was the time. Took front car and as soon as we left the station the heavens opened up. I had to keep my eyes closed the whole time due to the stinging rain drops. It kind of ruined the ride but I still found a way to enjoy it.

3. Raging Bull: The rain was still coming down so when I got to RB it was closed. Waited outside the que with other poeple for it to open back up. Rain subsided, trains tested, and we were finally allowed in. Took 1 lap in row 9 with the clam shell restraint way off of my lap. Major ejector air down the first hill and nice pops of air throughout the course. The brakes are on a little harder but when you are in the back you dont notice it much.

4. Shockwave: 1 lap in the back and the intensity is all out crazy. No headbanging for me probably due to my height. I enjoy this ride for a lap or 2 everytime I visit the park.

5. V2: 1 lap in the back. I still maintain that the holding brake is the highlight of this ride. I noticed that on the initial launch the train doesnt get the momentum that it used to in getting up the front spiral. Fun ride.

Well that was it for the coasters. I decided to do alot of walking and just enjoy the sites. I took one ride on Condor and took one ride Space Shuttle America. The last ride of the night for me was Sky Trek Tower because I love looking at the greatest city in the worlds skyline (Chicago baby):)

Left the park about 8:45 and headed home.

Thanks for reading.

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Great TR Chitown, I heard Batmans chain snapped on Sunday so that would explain the car stranded on the lift hill. I hope they get the ride back up quick! I seem to never be able to find Chicagos sky line on Sky Trek tower or any other ride for that matter, where exactly should I look? I think I might be looking the wrong way or something.

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Southeast buddy, southeast. :)

""To be the man, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!, You got to beat the man""!!!

Great TR, Chitown. Glad you're finally a believer about 1:3 on Viper. I've tried every seat and you can't get me to sit anywhere else but 1:3.

Sorry, to hear about B:TR. I don't think I've ever been to SFGAm when Batman's been down. Fact is, your post is the only time I can remember hearing it's been down. It's probably the most reliable ride there.

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I went on the 17th as well. Saw someone in a Legend shirt in the Raging Bull Station. The Batman situation was really a surprise. If anyone told me ann invert at SFGAm would be down, I'd have guessed one of the shuttles, not a B&M coaster. I was really looking forward to that ride. Saw them working on somthing right at the mouth of the tunnel into the lift, and whil I was in line for Deja Vu, I saw a mechanic at the peak of the lift working on somthing. As I was leaving the park, I noticed the train was gone from the lift, probably indicating the ride is fixed. Other than that I had a great day. Only got one ride on the Bull (we were gonna hit it again, but the 9 o'clock hour struck and the line went with it) 2 V2 rides (my new favorite as of this season), 1 spin on Wolf (My friends went against my advice and didn't take front row. Their Heads payed dearly) 2 rides on Shockwave, 2 on Viper (This coaster was REALLY providing today), 1 on Deja Vu, and 1 on Demon. Rode an assortment of Flats as well. That included Triple Play, East River Crawler, Fiddlers Fling, and Giant Drop. Although some rain interrupted ride operations, it wasn't more than 5 minutes of downtime. And that concludes my own TR within Chitowns TR. :)


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What day did you go chi-town???

I went on fathers day 06-16-02 and at about 300pm BTR was stuck and they eventually had everbody walk off the ride which i never saw before. This was the second sunday in a row i have been at the park and both days the crowds werent bad and other than Dejuvu all the lines were small, with about a15 minute wait for RB mid-day. The park seemed very busy but the coaster lines werent bad at all and for most rides the line was smaller than the fast lane entry. Im jealous though, i have only been to the park 3 times!!

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CHitown, how in the heck do you get to this park so often? Do you have a job? :) I havent even been there yet this year! That should change this Sunday though as I plan to make my inaugrial visit of the year!

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Well it wasn't the lift chain. The lift motor had issues. Should be fixed by weeks end.
Yeah, That sounds about right. That would explain the workers at the mouth of the station and at the top of the lift.

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Bob O.: I went this last Monday, June 17th. Couldnt make it during fathers day because I was busy spending it with my daughter at Santas Village (Coastaplaya, I rode Typhoon and Dracor in your honor :) ).

Kick The Sky: LOL, Yeah, I have a job. I actually left work at 3:30 pm and headed straight for the park. Most of my visits have been short trips (about 5 or 6 hours in the park each time). I have been robbing myself of coaster riding the last few years so I am destined to make up for it. :)

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Despite cutting the trip short a day, I really had to talk myself out of stopping by Santa's Village. Well okay--I also had to talk myself out of Big Chief's, Magic Waters and yes, even SFGAM on the return trip too.


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