SFGAm purchases Little Dipper coaster from Kiddieland at auction.

Great news and a great PR move by SFGAm to save this coaster and keep it in the Chicago area.

SFGAm purchases Little Dipper.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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OMG. I had it in the back of my coaster geek head, but never mentioned it... I'm totally happy and proud of Six Flags (well, Great America) doing something very cool. Now, can they rebuilt and run it how it is supposed to be?

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Always glad to see a ride saved. I think this was a very good move on SFGam part.

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Regardless of all the residual sunshine and lollipops, I'm guessing the biggest reason they grabbed it was that they're now able to add another roller coaster to the park for the price of a decent mid-sized sedan.

Bargain hunting on a level that would leave the best of the Black Friday crowd envious to be sure.

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When you can get a great bargain, a local nostalgia piece, *and* a needed "family coaster" all in one, it's a great day. Congrats to Great America, they got a really solid ride that helps round out their collection nicely.

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