SFGAM Physics Day 5/11/05

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Thursday, May 12, 2005 8:40 PM
Well I went to SFGAm yesterday for physics day, unfortunatly this was close to the worst visit I ever had. The only time that was worse was when I went and all but two coasters were closed due to the weather. First of all we had to leave at 5 a.m. becuase we live 4 hours away. Then there was American Eagle (backwards) who only had one train running all day. Superman only had one train running till about 10:30. Whizzer was closed early in the day and Deja Vu didn't open until 1:30. It also seemed to take longer than normal for loading and unloading. The weather was cold and windy and unfortunatly I wasn't thinking and only brought a t-shirt and shorts. I do have to thank one ride operator though. She was working at Superman an my friend was chewing a starburst. The ride operator noticed this and came over and asked him to spit it out. It is good to know that the workers there are paying attention to things like this now. Also for having a park completly full of teens the park was kept rather clean. The only real mess I noticed was in the food court by American Eagle. Rather than that the park seemed as clean as normal.

Although the day was not one of the better I have had a SFGAm it was still nice to get out of school for a day to go ride coasters.

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