SFGAM Opening Day...A Dorky Chick in Paradise

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What a day!

I tried to convince the huz to go to SFGAm for opening day, but no dice. He said we couldn't afford it. So what did I do? I WENT ANYWAY! ALONE! Mwahahaha!

Got to the park around 10:05, equipped with my pack loaded with Power Bars, smokes, sunglasses, and walkman. Lot not full, no queue to get into the lot. Good sign!

Bought my 2-day pass and headed right for Bull. Virtually no line, got on within 2-3 trains. Snuck on to the next train (found a row with an open seat and just popped into it), which worked all the time last year, but was spotted by a mean evil ride op, who kicked me off. Boo! (Could've been the bright orange shirt I had on.) I was screaming my ass off all the way, arms up legs out of course, shouting "TRIMS!" as we hit 'em, and "LAST ONE!" as we soared over the final hill. :) Excellent first ride.

Hit Bull again right away, and had to wait a few minutes while they added a 3rd train. Strange, since there was still virtually no line. The ride ops were indeed in fine form, rousing the crowd really well.

Did the Drop next. I used to hate this ride, but now it's my favorite thing in the park. Very gratifying: up, down, bing bang boom. Rode it twice.

Deja Vu didn't seem to be running, but I guess I was wrong (another TR I just read). Did a couple of runs on AE, running red side only. It was reeeeeeeeeeally empty. Total walk-on. Had some tasty nachos and a quick smoke before heading to Vu.

This is always the longest line I choose to deal with. It looks short until you get to the station, then it takes forever. Probably 30 minute wait, but it was worth it. I decided to leave my headphones on and paid for that one. They broke. :(

Headed for V2 next! Another virtual walk-on. I was IN MY SEAT waiting for launch when they closed the ride. Boo! I waited for about 15 minutes, then gave up and went to Ragin' Cajun. First time on that ride. Waited maybe 20 minutes and rode with a group of screaming little boys. They were very cute. It's a nifty little wild mouse.

I kept my eye on V2 while I rode Iron Wolf. Dammit, why do I ride it? It banged the hell out of my head, as usual. Still no V2, and I was heading for Batman but it had also closed. What was the deal?!?

I plugged the Footsie Wootsie machine with quarters for a few minutes. Ahh, that's so nice. Got a couple of rides on AE, this time even getting to stay on the train w/o getting back in line. Yessssssss!

V2 was up and running by this point, so I did the back seat. Chatted a little with an ACEr in the next line. Another great ride! I did it again, but that ride gets to my stomach so I moved on.

I waited for the front seat on Superman; this ride is fairly lame, IMO, so I only ride front. Love that pretzel inversion!

It was getting closer to 5, when I had to head for home, so I got back on the "good side" of the park. Rode Bull a couple more times, and did 4 drops, then waited a few minutes for Viper. Nice woodie! :)

I had time for 3 more drops before it was time to go. I got a box of Krispy Kremes, which I devoured before I crossed the state line. :) I rue the day those damned stores opened in the Midwest, and so does my waistline. Ha!

To sum up:

No lines
Awesome ride ops
Nice weather, albeit a little cold
Light trims on Bull and AE

Breakdowns on all the major rides
Pain and suffering on IW
Broken headphones
Nobody to talk to :(

...arms up, legs out, now SCREAM!...
Very nice trip report.

I really have to get back to that park. The last time I visited there was in 2001 and I loved the place.

2day pass? im guessin your comin back the next day or somethin...

you know, a suggestion regarding Six Flags admission..their passes are so well priced, it would almost benefit you more to purchase a season pass, that way you can come back anytime:) anyway, glad you had fun! after hitting 8 SF parks, i still think SFGam takes the cake each time! :)

still trying to think of a good signature...

The pass is good any operating day in the season...

We don't get there more than twice a year, or I'd buy the season pass!

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Golly, did your husband know you were going? That's really funny and everything but I just didn't know if was aware that you were going by yourself.

My band "The Cedar Kings". "Ordinary Day" a trip report in song.

I told him when I got home. He was not pleased...

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I was at the park on sunday. No lines either ( probabally cause of the cold and rain) Longest I waited for anything was 15 mins on bull cause someone lost their lunch.
I forgot to mention one thing. SFGAm has to get some new @#$%@^ queue music. If I had to hear that damned song...the one with the guy saying, "We like to party, we like, we like to party," ONE MORE TIME, someone was goin' down. >:( They had it on EVERY RIDE.

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LadyBrett, I was there on Sunday and never heard this song in ANY queue line.??

Now, the Venga Boys, over and over and over

Weird! Yeah, it was those damn Venga Boys all over the park on Saturday! Grr.

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Lady Brett,

You could have told your husband you got abducted. No wait, that doesn't go over too well anymore. Was he more not pleased that you went at all, or that you went without him?

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LadyBrett said:
What a day!

Snuck on to the next train (found a row with an open seat and just popped into it), which worked all the time last year, but was spotted by a mean evil ride op, who kicked me off. Boo! (Could've been the bright orange shirt I had on.) I was screaming my ass off all the way, arms up legs out of course, shouting

Until I read the rest of this, I had the feeling the ride op had kicked you off the ride and that was what you were doing as they dragged you out of the station ;)

He was more upset that I went without telling him than that he didn't get to come with. It was crappy of me to go all the way to Gurnee without telling him I was out of town...

Haha! No, they didn't kick me out of the park, although I would have screamed all the way if they had.

...arms up, legs out, now SCREAM!...

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