SFGAm, opening day, May 3rd

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Well, I know Jeff closed the topic about a child passing away at the park, but it turns out that it is true. I was wondering why Raging Bull was closed for a little while and then later on I saw a news helicopter circling the park. Guess this answers why the chopper was there.

Its a shame, although not ride related(according to the news), this girl was only 11 years old. Apparently she choked on something while riding RB.

O.K. Enough of the sad news and on to my day at the park with my daughter. I will fast fast forward to Superman because it is the new daddy at the park. I got a total of 1 ride. The line was spilling out into the midway. However, the wait turned out to be only about an hour considering the crowds. The line was moving at a good clip.

The restraints on this flyer totally blow away the Vekoma versions. The ride itself is pure fun. You guys describing the pretzel loop as extremely intense in the back rows werent whisling dixie. That has to be the most intense G's I have ever experienced while riding on your back in the loop. Completely mindblowing. This is a great addition to the already great lineup of coasters at this park.

The highlight of the day was the fact that my daughter is now tall enough to ride the 54" coasters so she got her first rides on Raging Bull, Batman:TR, Iron Wolf, and of course both of our first ride on S:UF.

I wasnt expecting so many people at the park, but obviously word got out that it was opening day. Although it wasnt packed, it was quite crowded by mid-afternoon.

Although V2 was posted as not going to open today, they finally had it up and running by 5:00 pm after almost 2 hours of consistently testing it.

Everything ride in the park was open except for Ice Mountain Splash and (oh here is a shocker), Deja-Vu. The train is nowhere to be seen on DV so who knows when this coaster will open this year. An awesome ride that is plagued with so many problems, I wouldnt be surprised if it gets removed if the probs continue. Its a shame.

We pretty much hit all the flats, ate the overpriced food, played a bunch of games, and just took our time taking in the whole experience. I am still glad this is my home park.

Did the open to close thing and I am feeling it in my legs.

Well, my dogs(feet) are killing me, so I am going to go soak them now. :)

Thanks, for reading.

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Great TR Chitown,
Thats really a shame that you go to the park expecting to have fun and someone dies, I feel for that girls family. That whole area was blocked off for a good hour around noon.

The reports I heard from people that were in the station was that she looked like she passed out and then like 3 people tried CPR on her but she wasn't responding. When they opened up Bull around 4, I figured she might have been fine or something.

But then I saw the news helicopters flying around and when I went to Burger King across the street after the park closed WGN was set up with there camera on the Six Flags sign, right then I knew she probably died. Which is really sad.

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I am wondering if the girl had passed by the time she got back to the station, or if she was still alive at that time.

Scary times to be a ride op. Probably some 17 year-old kid's first day.

Man that is unbelievably sad.
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what did she choke on and how?

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