SFGAm Opening Day 5/3/03

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I got to the park a little after 9am and got in line to get in. There were maybe 6 people ahead of me. After the lines get long, I realize one of the people in front of me is wearing one of those belts that has metal all over it. I was so angry, who on earth would wear one of those knowing he'd have to go through a METAL detecter. At 9:30, they started letting people into the park. Sure enough, "Mr Belt" went though and set off the metal detecter. At this point, I saw they weren't stopping people at Orleans Place and lost all hope.

Luckily it didn't take to long. I got in the park and ran possibly the fastest I have ever ran in my etire life. When I got to S:UF, there were almost two trainloads of people ahead of me. Luckily, most of them went to front row not realizing that all the rows have the same view.

When I got to the station, I looked for the shortest line, row 5 only had two people in line. It was at this point that I actually looked at the train and realized no one was on it yet. I made it, I was on S:UF's first GP train ever.

They opened the airgates and I ended up in the inside seat on the load side. We sat for a minute before the floor dropped and we went in to the flying position. It was suprisingly comfortable but as the ride went on, I could see how it would be uncomfortable to get stuck in this position.

They sent our train and we started up the lift hill. The first drop is excellent and much faster than it looks. The pretzel loop despite what I heard about it still suprised me. After the pretzel loop, the ride was slow but still fun. The inline twist is great.

Despite WGN saying "It's slow. When does it get fun?" and the Tribune saying people were getting off and saying "That's it?", I didn't hear a single complaint.

The theming is still nowhere near finished. They still haven't painted the S in the pavement or finished the entrance sign.

On to the rest of the day.

Raging Bull: 2 rides

V2: 1 ride

Viper: 1 ride

Whizzer: 1 ride

Iron Wolf: 1 ride

American Eagle: 1 ride on each side

Batman: 2 rides

Superman: 3 rides. Line is only 1 1/2 hours even when it stretches to Rue Le Dodge.

Demon: 2 rides.

Fastlane now costs $12.00 for 4 rides making it even more of a ripoff.

V2 did open at around 6 even though it had the This Ride Will Not Open Today sign.

French Quarter Collectables is now Frenchy's. It has the kind of stuff that was in After Shock, teenie bopper crap.

The restruant by V2 has been painted light blue and named Sunset Strips.

When I was in line for my second ride on Superman, I heard someone had passed out on Raging Bull. I later found out that the person actually died.

It was definitely more crowded than people predicted.

Today was definitely the best time I have ever had at Six Flags.

Speaking of that gift shop next to the exit of Superman - I found it really odd that, the second I walked in, I was hit by superhero apparel.

Spiderman apparel.

I wonder why....

"Well, I'm sure I'd feel much worse if I weren't under such heavy sedation." - David St. Hubbins, Spinal Tap

That Mr Belt was me Im very sorry. I got the second train of the day back row. 3 rides in all Front and and two back their both good

Whats red yellow and blue at SFGAm...???

My belt set off the metal detector yesterday too. Kind of odd that it did this year and didn't set it off one time last year.

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