SFGAm Opening Day 5-4-2002

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Saturday, May 4, 2002 8:29 PM

The season has now officially started! I arrived to the park at 8:50 a.m. to find the gates were still closed to the parking lot. They opened the gates at 9am and I got a nice front row parking place. They let us into the park at 9:30 and let us to under the train as usual were the chain was. I think they dropped the chain at 10 but im not sure since I didn't have a watch. As soon as they dropped the chain I ran like Forest Gump towards Deja Vu which I had saw testing while waiting to get in.

Me and my brother were the first two people to arrive at Vus entrance and the employee lead us through the line to the station. Me and my brother rode front row on the first train out of the station and WOW was it awesome. Not only did it Deja Vu work great today but it also became my new #1 Coaster! After an incrediable ride and an incrediable run I was tired as hell. So I went over and said Hi to a person from sfgamonline.com , very nice person and I was glad I got to meet him. After I talked to him I headed over to Eagle Backwards and rode it 2 times without getting off. This whole side of the park was empty as it seems that everyone went to Southwest Territory or Deja Vu. After riding Eagle Blue backwards twice we decided to take advantage of this emptyness on that side of the park. So we rode Iron Wolf, V2 and Batman which were all walk ons and were able to ride all these rides before 11. Afterwards we walked all the way across the park to Viper and had our first wait of the day which was about 20 min. most of the wait was in the station. After Viper we we went to go ride Raging Bull but right when we got in line we heard the announcement that Raging Bull has ceased operation. So instead of waiting for it we went over to Demon and it actully had about a 15 min. wait! After Demon we went and rode Whizzer which was a short 15-20 min. wait. I think the ride broke down later in the night because I saw alot of mechanics by it. Anyhow after Whizzer I went to my car and ate some lunch and when we came back me and my brother decided to hit some flat rides. We rode Condor, Rue Le Dodge, Sky Trek Tower, Triple Play and then rode the train over to Iron Wolf, we rode Iron Wolf for the second time and it ended up braking down right before we rode it which took up an extra 10 min. so it was probally about a 30 min. wait all together, I thought the ride was running good though and not that rough. After Iron Wolf we went to ride Eagle Red now that it was opened, the trims were low still and the ride was great, probally one of the best rides I have had on Eagle in awhile(besides Advocate it was about the same). After Eagle Red we finally went and rode Raging Bull which had about a 45 min. wait all day. They were fixing half the queue or something so it wasn't full. After Bull I went on Trail Blazer and then went back and rode Viper again, got to love Viper this ride is still running great and providing awesome airtime. After Viper I decided to go and check out Shockwave seeing as how it was probally walk on by then and it was. I rode 3 times on the same train til I finally got off because I had to go to the bathroom, and 3 great rides they were. I would really hate to see Shockwave get replaced it is an awesome ride. After Shockwave I went to the bathroom and then headed to V2 to find a very short 15 min. wait after we rode V2 it was 7:30 so we ran all the way across the park to Deja Vu to get one last ride on it. Of course we made it and I rode in the back seat wings. This was the first time I got to ride it at night and it was awesome! I got out of the park at around 9:15 and what a great day it was.
Summary of my trip:
Deja Vu: 2x
V2: 2x
Iron Wolf: 2x
Shockwave: 3x
Viper: 2x
Batman: 1x
Raging Bull: 1x
Demon: 1x
Eagle Blue Backwards: 2x
Eagle Red: 1x
Whizzer: 1x
Other Rides: TrailBlazer, Sky Trek Tower, Rue Le Dodge, Condor, Triple Play.

Also does anyone know why Orbit isn't set up yet!?

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Saturday, May 4, 2002 10:04 PM
I have no clue when Orbit will be operating but I think the best move that six flags did this year was move the bungee jump and open back up the bridge. Great TR btw.

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