SFGAM on June 2

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OK today was a perfect day at the park. It started with us arriving late :-(. But we walked twoards Americain Eagle backwards, and on the way we noticed little feet on Deja Vu. Yeah it opened and stayed open all day. We waited a miniscule hour to ride this ride, the park was empty. The ride is great exspecially with the ugly wooden platform. That platform also blocks all the sunlight from the station making it look like a scene from Resident evil. After that we rode V2 with it's wait of 10 minutes, The park was REALLY EMPTY. The rest of the park was all normal excpet for something everyone has noticed. If you've been to SFGAm this year you have probly ridden batman. But have you noticed anything different. Oh I know it's the abscence of Wheel covers on one of the trains. This one train has no wheel covers at all, it looks hidious. Yet the oter train has a full set of them. Whats up with that. Oh yes and for all of you Sky whirl fanatics I know where it went. It's final resting place is at a Junkyard on Green Bay road, no one wanted it.
What junkyard on Greenbay road? Maybe I can get some pics of it. Heck, if they were given the cages, maybe I can get one. :)

""To be the man, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!, You got to beat the man""!!!

Cleveland Corporation in Zion, IL. I doubt you'll get pics, as the ride is in no way whole. It's being recycled and they don't have the cages.
The cages are still in SFGAm's employee parking lot, as of 5/17, anyways. If they are still there, you can see them while on Iron Wolf or Sky Trek Tower, and probably a few other rides.

Deja Vu count: 1
Will it go up this year? Doubtful...

Yeah You can see the 5 remaining cages from the train ride if you have good eyes. There not visible from skytrek tower or Iorn Wolf. I wonder how they will dispose of it, also if I can get some parts for a memento

Sky Whirl- gone for good.

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