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First off, I have to start by saying how great it was to link up with such a large crew of my fellow 'Buzzers. Rob/nasai, Scott/Chitown, Frank/Sparky687, Jeff/Peabody (and his parents), and Chris/Chris (with girlfriend Maggie/?) were all there. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time meeting everyone. I can actually say I'm glad the lines were long, as it allowed me time to talk and get to know some of my fellow coaster geeks better. Now, on to the report!

Upon arriving few minutes late after opening (due to my too-long 7:00am meeting), I got inside and took an immediate left. About a 30 minute wait and I was flying in row 3 on....

Superman: Ultimate Flight
Highs: Slick trains with comfy restraints, quick loading, and probably the coolest inversion I've ever been on (pretzel loop).
Lows: A little slow, and where's the city rooftop themeing (Frank's idea)?
The Verdict: An immensely fun ride that's more enjoyable than its Vekoma counterpart.

As I was a little late and didn't catch the crew, I spent the whole time in line looking for a recognizable face. As luck would have it, as soon as I got off, a short walk towards V2 ran me into Rob, Scott, and Frank. We headed back towards the front gate to collect Jeff, who was still waiting for his parents. So, off the four of us went to hit...

Highs: Seeing Rob and Frank squeeze themselves into one seat (you two engaged yet?), capped by an always fun cruise through the trees
Lows: Um...er....the wait?
The Verdict: By far, my favorite family-style coaster. I can't wait to get my three year old daughter on it!

Outside the exit ramp, we catch up with Jeff and his parents, who drove up from Springfield to meet us. A little jaunt over, and it's.....

Highs: Smooth for wood, great floater airtime, nice layout.
Lows: My SFKK curse followed me, as we were boarded and had to get off, 'cause a kid passed out at the station exit and we had to sit and wait for the EMTs.
The Verdict: Still one of my favorite woodies.

Upon exit, Rob quickly headed over to the arranged Bull meeting place, and now along were Chris and Maggie. Since we had a full compliment of 8 (Jeff's mom didn't ride), we headed back over to the Man Of Steel. This time was an hour wait, and we all went for the back row.

RIDE ADVICE: The last row is definitely the place to be on S:UF! The difference was astounding. The closest way I can describe it is to use someone's TTD analogy of "It feels like an elephant sitting on your chest."

The funniest part of Lap 2 was that during the pretzel loop, the g's were so intense that it made Rob cough! "Turn to the right." Hilarious!

A jaunt out to the parking lot had Jeff and his parents leaving for the day. I also scored an Ethyl CD from Rob (not bad at all!). By far, the funniest part of the day was on the way back into the park.

As Scott, Rob and I are waiting for re-entry, this goober-looking guy starts going on about some non-existent place called "Devil's Mountain", supposedly located in-between Indy and Colombus, OH. Apparently, it has a ride "that goes 90mph in the turns...and you have to wear a neck brace....cause it pulls 4 g's..." Amazingly, we ALL showed great restraint and maturity by not ripping this guy's story to shreds! Ahhh, the mellowness of old age;)

Anyways, I only had about 40 minutes left until I had to scoot, so we all headed over and hit....

Batman: The Ride
Highs: Really intense, tight layout, and here the broken down / graffiti theming works.
Lows: That damn sewer tunnel fan speaker just kills my eardrums.
The Verdict: The first of its kind is aging very, very well.

One interesting little tidbit; One of the monitors in the "Batcave" was showing the Badnitrus animation of Batman: The Dark Knight from SFNE!

After the ride, I had to bid everyone farewell and head back home. I had a really great time, and I was glad to find that the coaster-nut stereotypes I've heard about were not at all true! I look forward to meeting some more of my fellow 'Buzzers in the future, and who knows, maybe I can convince the Missus to let me disappear for next year's SRM!

Remember that if you're one in a million, that means that there are 5000 other people on Earth just like you.

Who are you calling a coaster geek?! ;)

It was good to meet you to. I can't believe you live so close to Big Chiefs and haven't been there. If you decide to make the trip let me know and maybe I'll tag along.

Frank-wondering who sparky687 is:)

In my CD player: Centaur - In Streams
Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
Fu Manchu - California Crossing

Its FREAKS!!! He meant FREAKS!!! ;)

What a Kodak moment on the Whizzer. Seeing Nasai grind Sparky from behind in the seat. Did his tongue actually touch your neck? ;)

That dude describing an imaginary park was hilarious. Since he was park- going solo , he probably had some imaginary coaster buddies tagging along and choosing for him which coasters to take on.

Nothing like waiting 20 minutes for a beer, huh Sparky?

It was great meeting you guys and I had a blast. Waiting in line was entertaining thanks to the antics and foolishness of the Ethyl Drummer. :)

Rob trying to describe what Nasai actually stands for, how his wifes father wouldnt even acknowledge him in the beginning, describing the Japanese language, etc., etc. Good times!!!!

Hopefully I will get around to a trip report but my laziness has takin the best of me.

Arena football has arrived in the Windy City. Go "Chicago Rush"

Sorry I had to bolt so early on your guys, but with a 9 hour round trip for my 60 year old parents, I needed to think of them first :) However, my dad did have a blast on Viper!

It was such a pleasure meeting all of you....too bad I can't say the same for that Nasai freak... ;)

- "I used to be in the audio/visual club, but I was kicked out because of my views on Vietnam........and I was stealing projectors" - Homer Simpson

nasai's avatar
Agreed Eric. It was a great day, and thanks for writing such a thorough TR. I really enjoyed meeting you, and "sharing the fun" on Whizzer was just right for a freak like me!

Stay in touch!
I have been arrested more than you

Nice TR, Eric. It was great to meet you, as well.

Have fun at the Dells when you make it. I know you'll love *THE DROP*.

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