SFGAm-Next Coaster will be a flying

Saturday, June 2, 2001 12:49 PM
That's why they didn't name V2 S:UE. I think it will go in a parkin lot and replace it with grass and make a parking garage and a new territory in 2003
Saturday, June 2, 2001 1:05 PM
And where did you get this information from?

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Webmaster:SFGAm 2001
Saturday, June 2, 2001 1:40 PM
Maybe its one of his hopes for the park. I know it's one of mine...


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Saturday, June 2, 2001 1:53 PM
So? SFMW didn't name V2 S:UE. And do you have any shred of evidence that they are going to build one?
Saturday, June 2, 2001 5:08 PM
Garage: came from a few sugestions on the board, which I may have been the first (in recent months, not ever.) to sugest it.

Flying: Well, Vekoma and SF have Paramount's deal, don't they? But it does't mean SFGAm will get a dutchman. Also, who said that every other year they will get a coaster?

Davis: Good point.

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Why can that never happen?
Monday, June 4, 2001 5:17 AM
While a flying dutchman and inverted coaster are not the same thing, you gotta ask, does this park really need ANOTHER coaster under the tracks? NO, not with so many other types of coasters that they are missing.

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