SFGAm Memorial Day! (very long)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2001 2:16 PM
We arrived at the park at 9:30. We stood in line to get my friends tickets. Before we got in, I saw the sign of the rides that may not be open. It said Hometown fun machine, splash waterfalls, deja vu(obviously), and V2. I was so mad. We went to V2 just in case but it was closed. We waited in line and they made an anouncement that we could not stand in line so I went to Batman. Batman was amazing and really smooth. It was about a 5 minute wait. Then we headed to V2, it was still closed. We went over to Iron Wolf. About a 10 minute wait. This ride is very fun and intense. This ride is sooo cool. We then headed over to American Eagle. They were only running the red side in the morning. It was about a 10 minute wait. This ride is really bumpy, but very exciting. A lot of air time on this ride. It was about 11:30 and we already rode 3 roller coasters. My friends went on Demon next. My other friends and I skipped it. I had a rough experience on it last September. We waited about 20 minutes for my friends. From where we were we saw v2 running. Once my friends exited Demon we ran over to V2. V2's line looked kind of long. When we got into the line it was about 12:05 and it broke down while we were in line. It was about 20 minutes before they got it started again. When we got halfway through the regular line it broke down again. We were getting bored but we heard rave reviews on it so we stayed in line. We were finnaly able to ride it and this ride is awesome. The holding break is cool but not as cool as the beginning. This is a must ride you must not skip no matter how long the line is. We waited about 1 hour and 45 min. I think that is short because the the 2 break downs totaled 40 min. We headed over to Loggers run. about a 30 min. wait. It as about 1:20 and we decided to eat lunch. After lunch in Farmer's Market, we went to Viper. We were in line for about 10 minutes. It started to rain and they closed down Viper. This surprised me because the forecast said no rain. People left the line so we were able to get into the station to keep dry. It started to thunder. All rides were closed so we decided to stay in the station. After about 2 hours it stopped raining. They started test running it and everybody started clapping. Although they tested it about 15 times before people actullay got to ride it. People got cranky. It was 4:05 now and we rode Viper. This ride has to be one of the best rides in the park. We went to Raging Bull and it was too long so we went back to Viper. We waited about 45 minutes. We went to Roaring Rapids and waited about 20 minutes. We then went on American Eagle again. It was about 20 minutes. It was about 8:00. We headed over to Demon. I actually rode it this time. This ride is sooo fun. I kept my head forward so it didn't hurt. I went on it 2 more times after this. It was about 1 minute wait each time. We left after that. The park wasn't very crowded today and I had a lot of fun.
Re-Rides:American Eagle 2x
Viper 2x
Demon 3x

V2 is the best ride at SFGAm!
Tuesday, May 29, 2001 2:28 PM
You skipped Raging Bull ?!?!?!

Blasphemy !!! ;)

Like you said about V2 -

"This is a must ride you must not skip no matter how long the line is."

Ride the back car and you'll never skip it again. :)
Tuesday, May 29, 2001 2:37 PM
I forgot to mention, I rode 2nd row on V2.

V2 Memorial Day! I can't wait!
Wednesday, May 30, 2001 3:23 AM
I was there. It only rained 1 hour

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