SFGAm June 24

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Ay guys. I'm new to this site so please be cool if my TR sucks.

Me and three friends got to the park like after 20 minutes after it's opening. The day was hot and we could tell that it was going to be crowded. First we headed to the bull.

Raging Bull 10/10 25 minute wait

This is my favortie coster in the world. We sat in the back seat which is just pure nirvana. The wait took somehwat longer than usual. It was only becuase they only were running two trains. Eventually during our wait in line, they borught the third one out which really moved things.

Viper 10/10 15 minute wait

After bull, we went to the giant drop which was like a 20 minute wait, and then headed for viper. This is my favorite woodie. I loves it so much. And for the first time ever for me, they had staff blocking the station so that there wasn't that stacking and pain in the butt crowding in trhe station. It made things so much easier and made the line feel like it was going faster.

Demon 6/10 5 minute wait

After Viper we hit Demon. We got fornt row. By the way. I think I might of met a coaster enthusiast there. While waiting for the front row we let some kid go in fornt of us. He was like sixteen. He was completely alone. My friend said,"He must be a real hardcore roller coaster fan, if he comes to the park alone." I was just wondering if that kid visits this board. Not to be weird or anything, but I don't know any coaster enthusiasts. I think he was wearing a red shirt. well whatever. After that we ate and headed for superman.

Superman 8/10 60 minute wait

Wow, this coaster was a lot better than the first time I rode it. Last time I sat in the back row, this time I sat in the second. I don't know if it was a better ride becuase I was sitting on the opposite side than last time or that it was just because it's second row. Personally which ones better in your opinion?

Batman 9/10 25 minute wait

I sat in the back left seat which is bliss. Love this ride, just wish it wasn't so short.

Vertical Velocity 10/10 15 minute wait

I love this ride. This is truly my third favorie of the park. We sat all the way in the back. I just htink it's so intense and scary.

American Eagle 5/10 5 minute wait

We rode the red side and it was alright. Nothing much to say but that I hate the brakes on that ride. They kill it.

After that we rode Raging Bull, and Viper again. We also hit the whizzer which gets a 9/10 in my book. The park was pretty crowded and hot. Rides were good and everything. By the way Viper on the second time did the whole stacking up thing in the station which really sucked. The crew also sucked for Viper the seocnd time.

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