SFGAm June 23rd, Extra stall added on Deja Vu?!

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Six Flags Great America June 23rd, 2002 Extra stall added on Deja Vu?!

I headed out to Six Flags Great America for my 8th time this season expecting a larger crowd than Sundays usually have since it was Kids Day.

Arriving at the park, Deja Vu!
When I arrived at the parking lot at 9 there were already lots of kids there. While walking to the gate I saw Deja Vu testing so I knew I was running there first. Got in line to get into the park. While waiting in line I noticed only one attraction in the rides that will not be running for today and that was Ice Mountain Splash which is always closed. Amazing the first day I have seen that sign not say Deja Vu since the 2000 season. They let people in at 9:30 as usual and we waited at the chain til 10. Well it seems the guy at the chain was sort of sleeping he opened it about 5 minutes late when one of his supervisors (im assuming) came up and said "You didn't open it yet". Right when he opened my chain last I sprinted to Deja Vu to find people who got let in from the other side of the park already getting there, I was still able to get to the line first though.

Deja Vu
We headed to my favorite seat on the ride, Row 1A. Very happy the ride opened on time in the morning and very tired from running we sat down in front row and watched the line grow. We started backwards up the lift for my 11th time. Once we got to the top we stopped? I was wondering what happened, it has never stopped at the top of the lift before so I figured we were stuck. I say to my friend sitting next to me "I think we are..." DROP. Incrediable first drop into the awesome Cobra Roll and through the loop with plenty of speed up the second lift. This lift let go right away though at the top like it normally does and we rocketed backwards through the course for one of my greatest rides on Deja Vu to date. After getting off the ride I watched the train behind me and it also stopped at the top for about 8 seconds, it continued to do this all day. I really like it though it gives you the feeling you get on drop rides of not knowing when your going to drop.

Raging Bull 1x
After Deja Vu we headed into Southwest Territory to ride Raging Bull before it got to crowded. The line was a little after the stairs. Bull was running a very quick 3 trains operation and they were moving with no stacking that I saw. While waiting in line the heat started to get to me, I never did check the Great America sign to see how hot it really was but it felt like it was in the high 90's. We got on Raging Bull in the back car, and had a ok ride. I got stapled so not that much airtime for me but oh well. Since I got stapled the first time I wanted to ride again but the line was starting to fill up by then so we headed over to Viper.

Viper 2x
Vipers line was in the station and provided a nice break from the sun but it was still very hot. I rode in row 2:1 my favorite row on it and had an awesome ride. Ejector air on almost every hill, the ride was running great and smooth as always. After Viper we headed to Splash Water Falls to see if it was open yet in an effort to cool off. The second time we rode it they were assigning seats. I got put in what I thought would be a crappy seat towards the middle. Once we hit the double down I got ejected from my seat surprisingly and every hill after that provided great airtime, which makes me belive there isn't a bad seat on Viper.

Splash WaterFalls 1x -- Bridge 5x
When we got to Splash Waterfalls it wasn't open yet but it was testing and a line had formed already so we got in line, about a half hour later they opened the ride. The half hour wait wasn't that bad since a coca cola stand was full of ice across the path so everyone was taking ice cubes to stay cool. After my first ride on Splash Waterfalls of the season we were soaked and cool for once during the day. We waited on the bridge for two more trains just to make sure we were soaked. Later in the day we were able to sneak up the exit and get on the bridge also to cool down.

Demon 2x
The line for Demon was a little out of the station so it was about a 4-5 minute wait since the station was pretty clear of people. Rode back car and got what has to be the most airtime on a looping coaster on the first drop. My shoulders hit the shoulder restraints pretty hard keeping me in the car though. Demon seemed to be running very fast today and the Vertical loops almost reminded me of the intensitys of Shockwaves with a mini shockwave gray out. The first time I rode Demon in the morning there were no sounds in the tunnel and when I rode it later in the day there were sounds, they seem to pick and choose when the sounds go on or something. Anyhow pretty good rides on Demon for the day.

After Demon we went on Sky Trek Tower and went to lunch, My brother and my friend walked to Little Ceasors while me and my brothers friend ate some lunchables in the car and played Playstation until they got back.

When we got back in the park we headed over to Shockwave to find a line. I haven't waited in a line for Shockwave for years and I wasn't about to start again. So we headed over to Batman The Ride

Batman The Ride 1x
Batmans line was about a half hour filling up most of the Gotham City park part and the rest of the line after that. Got the usual fast and intense ride in the back seat. Its still worth every second of the wait and a must do everytime im at the park.

We headed towards the most crowded area of the park Kids Fest. I didn't really see anything special for Kids Fest except for flags all over the paths and this Firefighter guy with a hose who cooled us down. But besides getting sprayed with the hose I tried to get out of that area as fast as possible.

Rode Fiddlers Fling

Iron Wolf 1x
Then headed to Iron Wolf which had a short 15 minute wait. I used somebodys method of riding this (forget whos) where you lean into the harness. Worked great and I had a nice smooth and intense ride. I love the few airtime hills this coaster provides, especially the one before the Corkscrew.

American Eagle Red 1x
Eagles line was to about where the line goes under the Blues track. Red was running average, the brakes on the helix were on, but the brakes before the last helix weren't on so we really flew through it.

American Eagle Blue 1x
Same length in line as Eagle Red except it took twice as long since Blue was only running one train. The ride ops did a good job though with loading and unloading quickly so I didn't even notice there was only one train until I saw the people who were in line in front of me getting off the train I was getting on. As we passed the transfer track we passed the other Blue train that looked like it was missing the first 2 cars. I wonder whats wrong with it? I hope they aren't turning them back around!

Giant Drop 1x
I actully waited about 5 minutes to get on Giant Drop which wasn't that bad. We had some funny people in front of us who made it a entertaining 5 minutes. 1 car from Giant Drop has been removed, for what reason I have no clue. It was no where in sight. It was the car that never runs anyhow so no big deal, maybe they are fixing it?

Vertical Velocity 1x
About a 20 min. line for V2 when we rode it later in the day, Very fun ride my favorite part of the ride is still the holding brake. But ever since Deja Vu and V2 operated at the same time I haven't found V2 as much fun anymore.

Deja Vu 2x to end the night
We got in Deja Vu's line at around 8:20 to ride it for our last ride of the night. It ended up breaking down for about 10 minutes. Alot of people left the line and we moved up very quickly. It ran one test run and was back up. Then after the 1 run with people on it closed again til about 8:50 after the mechanic replaced something on the train. By this time alot of people had left and we were almost to the station, they never reopened the line for Deja Vu though when they got it going 10 minutes before closing. So they were just finishing up the rest of the line, which we were at the end of. Towards the last run they tried to fit everyone in on train so they would only need to run it one more time. This didn't work out good since they were short 2 seats for 2 people. So I got to go on and had a great ride, when we got back we were informed that everyone but the front row could ride again. Woo Hoo!! After two awesome rides on Deja Vu brought my total count up to 13 we left Six Flags Great America very happy.

Deja Vu Count = 13

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If this "stall" is continued, that would be SWEET. I actually had thought of this before, and wished they had done it.

SFGAm: 1)DV 2)V2 3)AE Blue 4)Viper 5)Bull

They have actually had the stall on before! When I rode it during Fright Fest, it stalled before the first drop, and it stalled on the second Stop. But when I went on Deja Vu on Opening weekend, it did not have the stall!

V2 can't be compared to any of the rides in SFGAm!The Vertical Drop was amazing!

just for your info coasterdude during the afternoon the sign read 103 degrees! :)
Wow the stall sounds cool. I wonder if SFoG's version will do this? I hope so.
Wow we were row 1b on the 2nd train

Hmm, 2003 at SFGAm look it's a Bird It's A plane It's S**** M**

103 degrees wow! Sean C. you might have seen me I was wearing a grey Deja Vu T-shirt.

Deja Vu Count = 13

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