SFGAm June 19&20, 2003

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Saturday, June 21, 2003 11:09 AM
Heres how the first day went. We ( my friend and his dad) arrived at about 1:30 becasue my friends dad got lost on the way (long story). When we got in the aprk my friends dad had a sharp money clip so he had to go put it back in his car becasue it set off the metal detector.

We headed to Superman because they haven't ridden it yet. I would say it was about a an hour and a half wait. Great ride it seemed better after I had ridden it opening day. The pretzel loop caught me this time. It was nice to see every one enjoying the ride. 9/10

Then we headed to Batman. This ride gets better and better each time I ride this. 9/10

Then we went to V2. Had a nice ride on it. Back row. I think it was good becasue I haven't rideen it in a while. 7.5/10

Then we headed to AE Red. Back row.Haven't rideen this in a while. It was a nice ride, but I was expecting a little more airtime on the bunny hills. Still a nice ride 7/10

The we checked out Deja Vu. Still no train.

Then it was off to DEmon. Nice ride. I just love the tunnel. With the lights and every thing. In the corkscrews I put my head forward and there was no head banging. 8/10

Then we headed to Viper. Decided to try 1:3. It was good but i still prefer the back row. 8.5/10

Then headed to Giant Drop which I ahven't ridden in a while. Nice view and little pop of air time. 7/10

Then Raging Bull. My best ride ever on it! It was fast and had nice air time. The only downside was that they were only runnig two trains. 9.5/10

Then we rode Triple Play. I love this ride. 7/10

Then rode SSA which haven't ridden in a while. And his dad wanted to ride it. It was ok. 6.5/10

Then Sky Trek Tower. Nice view. 7/10

Then we headed to Superman for a night ride. Its great at night. Only about a 20 minute wait. 9.5/10

Side notes: I noticed alot of line jumping two people on V2. One rode it twice because she snuck in side the gate right after she gott of it. Also, one on Batman.

Overall great day. The lines weren't bad.

Friday: Arrived at 10:15 with my family and cousin. We headed to Superman, but decided to skip it becasue it was a long wait. It was so we went o nRoaring Rapids nice ride. Every thing was runnig except for the big water fall in front of the cave. It will proably run when it gets hotter. 8/10

Then went on Batman to dry off. My cousin had his first ride on it because he used to be scared of roller coasters. Nice ride. 9/10

Then went on V2 not a long wait. 8/10

then went on Loggers run 7/ 10

We then ate lunch at Wascals. Then we went to American Eagle but every one was getting out of line so we just went to play some games. I won a basketball, my brother won a basketball, and my dad won a HUGE stuffed animal.

So they went to the car to put it away while my cousin and I went on Demon and Splash water falls. Nice rides. I got soaked on Splash Water Falls. 9/10

The went to SWT. I noticed that trail blazr was closed. I was kind of slanted. Viper had a long wait so we skipped it. Went o nGiant Drop. Nice ride. 7/10

Then Raging Bull another great ride. 9.5/10

Then did Chubasco. 6/10

Then did Triple Paly. 7/10

Then saw Cold Fusion. There was nice customer servive. We with a bunch of other people were late. ASnd they let us all in through a handicapped exit. I'm not a big fan of shows. Itw as ok. The only good part was the out fits that the girl actors were wearing. lol

THen went on Sky Trek Tower. Then saw Adrenaline Rush at the pictorium. Nice show.

Then went o nSuperman. Great ride. 30 minute wait. 9.5/10

Then went o nRoaring Rapids again. It was a bad idea becuase we got soaked then it was getting cold.

The rode batman and iron wolf. We got tires after that so we left.

It was a great two days.
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Saturday, June 21, 2003 11:40 AM
Nice very nice And thanks for the report because i will be there tomarrow.
Saturday, June 21, 2003 12:28 PM
I forgot to mention that I saw a guy wearing a T-shirt that said "wheres Robb Alvey?" and on the back it said themeparkreview.com.

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Total number of coasters ridden=43

Sunday, June 22, 2003 8:56 AM
YES, I was the "cousin" and i can truthfully say it was a good day
Sunday, June 22, 2003 9:17 AM
Whats w/the text? Anyway, how were the lines? It was really nice on Friday.

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Sunday, June 22, 2003 9:35 AM
I was there that day as well and saw the "Where's Robb Alvey?" shirt as well...

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