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Tuesday, July 8, 2003 7:13 PM
We go to the park at about 9:30 and me and my freind run up to the gate and i thought they would be letting us in but there werent so we had to wait till 9:50 till we get in.Then we walk buy suf to see it was closed and they said it was closed since 8 last night.My freind hasnt rode it yet so he was mad.

Then we saw no a short line for batman and got in it.Waiting for them to open the line to let us in we saw that V2 was closed.we got in the line and waited about 10 minutes for front row.It was a great ride.

Then we went to viper because thats my freinds favorite ride.We get on in the back row it was a walk on and since it rained the wheels were screaching realy loud.It was an ok ride.Then we decided to go to raging bull we rode it back row and got on in about 15 minutes running 2 trains.

Then we went to V2 and it was a great ride with about a 20 minute wait.Then we decided to go to iron wolf and it was a 10 minute wait and we rode back row and it is not as bumpy as all the other rows.

Then at 11:45 superman still wasnt open so we decided to ride the bumper cars and the condor the bumper cars i like but i dont like the condor.Then we went on the swings and it was ok.Then we went on batman agein and waited about 20 minutes for back row.

After batman we went on roaring rapids And of coarse i get soaked but the people acrose from me dont even get wet.Then we went out to the car for lunch.

After we were done eating my freind has never seen the trains befor so he wanted to see them and he wainted to wait to see it test then about 10 minutes later it started teding. So when we saw it test we ran into the park and got on the 2nd train on the back row but befor that we saw a part of the train was missing a black peice from it and a silver thing was uscrewed and the ride op's had no clue what it was so they let us go.

Then we went on V2 agein and there was throw up in the line almost right befor the stairs.Then we went to american eagle blue side and rode it 6 times without getting off that was fun and the ride op didnt let us crose over to the red side so we had to walk all the way over to the red side.

Then we went to the demon backrow and i hate that ride it is to bumpy.Then we went to giant drop and i hate it its to short of a ride.Next was raging bull backrow and of course another great ride on it.

Then was Iron wolf front row I hate it front row realy bumpy.Then we went to Whizzer and it was better then most of the time i like it better backrow.Then we went to viper still no were close to my favorite.We were going to get back on it in a different car but there was throw up in it.Then when we were walking through the exit there was trow up on the groind at two places.Then we had to eat dinner.

After that we got in line for superman waited a 1/2 hour and we are next when it brakes down so we wait till 9:30 and then we leave the train is sapose to go from - this to l this but it when from - this to / this then they hit the button agein then it gose to this l and they didnt fix it all day.

Then we get onto V2 with no line and we got on it 2 times without getting off and going to the spirl spike i got hit in the face with a bug but a good night ride.Then we went to batman and had a good night ride.While on the ride we saw lightning.

Then we went to raging bull for my first night ride on it.We had to run from batman to raging bull very long run.A good ride felt good with the wind and the sweat.

High notes of the day- got on the 2nd train of superman if the day then it braking down. no long waits. empty.no rain when there

low notes ofthe day- only got to ride superman once. no deja vu not expecting it to be open. no one workng on deja vu yes i was expecting someone to be.

Tuesday, July 8, 2003 7:38 PM
It sounds like you had a lot of fun. SFGAm is a great park, that I think is tied or even better than CP. Just a few opinions. First when I went we had to buy tons of fastlanes so we could continuesly ride. Second, we rode Iron Wolf in the back and it was a little rougher than the front rows. Finally, I don't think that Deja Vu is going to open this year, and in my opinion S:UF, Raging Bull, and B:TR are my favorite rides there. I wish I lived closer to SFGAm because that would be my home all summer break if I did.


Tuesday, July 8, 2003 7:42 PM
I dont really think its beTter than CP. its a great park and is top ranked but not THAT great.

Top 5 SFGAm Coasters: 1) Raging Bull 2) S:UF 3) V2 4) B:TR 5) Viper
Maybe Deja Vu would be on this list if it would open!


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