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Me and the girlfriend are headed to SFGam this Friday and Saturday. First time at this park for both of us. We are both anxious to break our RMC virginity. Cedar Point sells a "no boo" necklace that tells the scareactors not to mess with you. Does SFGam offer something similar? I did not see anything on the website so I am doubting it. I am a fan of anything haunted, Jen not so much. She has claustrophobia and will not touch the indoor mazes. She will do outdoor zones, but at CP she prefers to wear her no boo necklace. Are the outdoor zones set up in a way that you have to go through some to get to certain attractions? I am thinking about getting the VR coaster out of the way early on Friday since I hear lots of stories about horrendous dispatch times. Saturday we plan on getting flash passes as there will probably be massive crowds.

Also, off topic but we are looking for suggestions on where to go for the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. Thanks everyone.

Hello there, I am not sure if they have a "no Boo" necklace. I was there this past weekend and did not see anything like that. Yes they have several outdoor scare zones that you have to walk through to get to rides and they are pretty much scattered around the park. One is with clowns and between Eagle and X-flight. I forgot the others but you will have to walk through them. They are relatively short though and good lighting. I have not done the VR demon so couldnt give you info on that. Good idea on the Flash pass if you can afford it. Weather looks good right now so rides will be long. Goliath is an amazing ride. So lucky to have a ride like that at my home park.

If you are looking for good deep dish pizza nearby Giordano's is close by and really good.

If you have any other questions ask away.


The best deep dish is Lou Malnati's, but I'm not sure where the closest one to SFGAm is. Giordano's and Uno's are just across of the interstate and of those two, I would go with Giordano's.

All of the indoor Haunts are extra charge but they offer combo passes. In my experience the scareactors usually only go after those who look like easy targets. Necropolis scareactors are usually but not always a little more aggressive. The scareactors in the different zones can't be avoided completely, but they tend to cluster in a very limited area and can be gotten around relatively easily. They are out pretty much all of Friday night and come out around 3 on Saturdays.

Usually you can practically walk right in to the Haunts on Friday nights, so do those then.

If you like shows, Love at First Fright and Susan Rosen (hypnotist) are worth seeing.

For the ride transformations, Terror Twister (enclosed tea cups) is the standout offering and is a must ride. Everything else is just ok.

Have fun!

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^Agree with all of this. Lou Malnati's definitely has the best deep dish pie. And Terror Twister is not to be missed when you go to FrightFest at SFGAm. As for the scare zones, they exist, but I think they're very tame, so even without a necklace I think you should be fine.

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

The closest Lou Malnati's is ten minutes west of the park on route 45 just north of Washington St. in Third Lake. It is in the big strip mall on the west side of 45. Just take the Washington exit on the south side of the park to get there, and reenter the park on Washington. Giordano's is also about 5-10 minutes (depending on traffic) west of the park on Grand Ave. in Gurnee, also in a strip mall. Both are really good options.

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