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Hello All,

It's been interesting to read all of these passionate posts about Cedar Fair and Geauga Lake. I figured I'd post a TR about the second to last day at the BEST amusement park in the midwest.

Katie and I arrived Saturday afternoon a little after noon. The last time we were at the park was labor day weekend and it was DESERTED! Rolling in to the parking lot on Saturday was a whole different ballgame. I'm sure all 5 fright fest weekends were as packed as it was on Saturday but DEAR GOD!

We left the park shortly after 9pm and managed to ride three (3) roller coasters. Now normally I would be upset about paying a little over ten dollars a ride but we had a fantastic day!

My favorite ride in the park is Batman:The Ride and I was surprised to hit it up first and be redirected from the usual entrance to the less distinguished entrance from New Orleans. We waited over two hours for back row with little stacking that I could tell. I really enjoy waiting in line for this roller coaster, it's fun to here the Batman, U2, and Prince themes and take in the theming. While weaving around the park, three guys that looked like they were straight out of a grand theft auto video game lit up their cigarettes. A park employee saw them from the exit que ramp and had them ejected from the park. First time I've actually seen it in person, but I've heard Great America has been really good about it. Batman still seems to get faster every year...it's amazing to me how fast those trains are able to hit some of those elements.

Walked over to V2 and the line was reaching th e bridge over to the county fair. Ride broke down...actually made decent progress from people leaving the line. Ended up waiting over an hour and a half.

Raging Bull blew me away. We entered the line around 5ish...and the line was backed up all the way to the entrance of Viper, which....should be impossible. It took us an hour and a half just to get to the que entrance. I finally broke down and bought a cup of hot chocolate for Katie and I. THREE DOLLARS. Ended up waiting three hours and forty five minutes... Bull actually broke down for a little while, I can't for sure say how long that took...but nobody left the line. They had too much invested, haha. While we were in line, at least 6 people in a group were ejected from the park for line jumping. I guess security was notified as they rounded the photo hut for Raging Bull, which you go right behind in the second 'Weave House'.

I must say that I was BLOWN AWAY by the fright fest production this year. It seems that Six Flags has done away with spending money on scary people in costumes and spent it ALL on dressing the park up. I mean the area 51 area was incredible, the demon area was amazing. I liked how Iron Wolf was changed to The Predator. Wasn't it usually changed to Iron WerWolf?

The only things I was going to note was about the special maps handed out just for fright fest. These maps were missing Splash Water Falls, Logger's Run, and the RailRoad. Now I might be reading into this too much....I know all three of these attractions are closed for frightfest this year...but is Six Flags that on the ball that they would remove them from the map? I've heard ramblings that these attractions could be removed. The lake around V2 and loggers run was bone dry on Saturday and is usually filled up with red water for Fright Fest. I must say looking at a map with loggers run removed, that is a huge Area there and I think it does lead itself to being a perfect area for a B and M dive machine...utilizing the existing lake. Bravo Six Flags for a wonderful season. A LOT of people sounded really excited on Saturday when I explained The Dark Knight.


Remember those posters that said, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life?" Well, that's true for every day but one - the day you die.

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