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Sunday, September 15, 2002 5:33 AM

Got there arond 10:15, so Deja Vu already had an hour plus line, nobody wanted to wait for it. We went to Raging Bull which was in 2 train operation. The line moved like it was 3 thouth, and we only went through 1/2 the maze. Then we went to Viper, and I got the usual great ride in 1:3.

After that, we headed to American Eagle. Only blue was open. It was the best ride I had on it all year. In May, I had rides like it, where the midcourse breaks hardly touch the train, but this time, by the bottom of the helix, I swear we were litterally tearing apart the track. I have never been on it when it flies through the helix that fast. Even the trims before the 2nd helix were light (which I would have prefered heavy, that helix is uncomfortable when fast, but it didn't ruin the ride.)

Back seat ride on Iron Wolf, then I got a Lemon Chill (no, I didn't ask about the new coaster,) and got in a 20 minute line for V2. The ops on this really know what they are doing. I had no watch, so I couldn't time it, but the train couldn't have been sitting in the station for more than a minute and a half, even when the ops rotated jobs. Good job guys, keep it up. After that, the longest wait of the day was Batman. I don't know how long it was, probably around 40 minutes. Got the usual great no-view ride as always.

After lunch, we rode a few coasters again, and some flat rides. East River Crawler is really sad looking. As of yesterday, there was only the base. Nothing else, just the base. They better not get rid of this ride. I don't care how hard it is to maintain, it should never leave. Also, Chubasco is now enclosed, but the lights are still on inside, so it's not entirely ready for Fright Fest. I also made my last ride on Whizzer my not last ride. I think the best sound in the whole park I heard all day was Whizzer operating. They accually had it in 3 train op, too.

Eventually we made it back around to Orleans Place, and I walked over to AfterShock, and the store was empty (what a surprise, it looked just like pictures I've seen of it!) and at the old exit of Shockwave, there is a surveyor's mark on the ground. Who knows how many are under the ride itself. Looking at the sproket on the top of the chain lift, you can see there is no chain either.

Sunday, September 15, 2002 10:36 AM
It always looks like there's no chain at the top. You have to look at the bottom. It's there.
Sunday, September 15, 2002 10:43 AM
Also, there seems to be a small crane by the 2nd loop on Shockwave.

Deja Vu doesn't have fastlane, but it has a fastlane line.

Sunday, September 15, 2002 12:34 PM

Good TR, like SFGAm Shockwave said you can't tell if the chains there or not by looking at the top of the lift. But when you look at the bottom you can see its clearly there. Now that East River Crawler is down to a base, im starting to think they are moving it and not just repairing it.

Edit: CobraRoller, are you talking about that little blue trailor thing? That was there last week, it isn't a crane.

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