SFGAm, 9/1, Ahhhh, no lines.

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Labor day at the Chicago area mega park.

My daughter and I left our house from Elgin, and made the trek to Gurnee. Got to the park around 2 and when I approached the toll booths, I saw a front lot that was maybe half full. :):):):):)

Wooohoooo, gonna be a good day. The threat of rain all day, chilly temps (upper 60's), and the fact most people would rather be BBQ'ing on this day made the park pretty dead.

Every coaster we got on had no more than a 10 minute wait which was for RB. Viper was practically a walkon, V2 was a 1 train wait, Batman was walk-on, and whoa, I had to take a second look here. S:UF had a line that only made it just out of the station. We were on this flyer in about 5 minutes. Backseat goodness into the pretzel loop gets me everytime. I will never get tired of the intensity that this one element provides.

Besides the coasters, we took a spin on Orbit, and I promised my daughter that she could ride the Turbobungy ride in Hometown Park. The operator said it was a 2-minute duration which made me cringe at $7 a ride. However, she was nice enough to let my daughter jump, bounce, and flip for around 5 minutes.

We were only in the park for about 3.5 hours but we got 5 coasters in, 1 flat, and 1 upcharge attraction. We took our time circling the park and really enjoyed the lack of crowds considering the last month and a half has been a madhouse at this park.

Well, thats about it. We are really looking forward to Fright Fest this year. Bring on the ghosts and goblins. :)

Thanks for reading.

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Wow, and I left town to go ride coasters up in Minneapolis thinking the Harley crowd would invade the park on Labor Day after all of the festivities in Milwaukee. Glad you had a great time!

Bob Hansen
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Of course DV was closed, I imagine.

You can't get greedy, I guess.

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I also went on Labor Day and enjoyed the "lack of lines" like you did.

I was on the first train out, front seat on Raging Bull :) then quickly did a back seat ride as well. In addition to several more times during the day. Like you said, everything was practically a walk on - I noticed the Fast Pass place open early in the morning, then by noon it was closed because you didnt need to use it :)

I know where I am going to be next Labor Day :)

Carl, were you wearing a ace shirt????
I was also on the first ride of the day on RB, first car.(i usually dont ride the front as the wait is too long, but IMHO the back was much better but couldnt pass up front row for a change.)
Yes it was a great day at the park, with virtually little to no waits at all. For the first time in awhile i was able to get a re-ride on both RB and Viper.
The park wasnt crowded, the park was clean so it made for a very enjoyoyable day. now hopefully it will be just like this next sunday!!!!
My daughter and her friend also were in the front row of Superman on the first ride of the day so it made for a great day at the old park!!!
Yes, that was me !!!!!

We rode the back together also, didnt we? Great meeting you and glad you had a good time...

How was the weather in Gurnee? Did it rain all day like it did in the city?
Carl , yes i also rode with you in the back and it was nice meeting you!!! And i had a great time at the park and hope you did also!!
It rained a little at times, it started off dry and around noon began to rain but never heavy and stopped a short time later. The Whizzer/Iron Wolf were closed at times when it was raining but i dont know if that was because of the rain or not.
When I was there from 9:30 - 3:00

Light mist to mild rain for a short period of time (happened to be while waiting in line for superman - duh) then partly cloudy with just a few sprinkles..... otherwise very nice


I too live in Elgin. Where you at Coasterbuzz Con or Beastbuzz this year?

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