SFGAm 9-01-01 Deja Vu Surprise

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Sunday, September 2, 2001 4:13 AM
 We arrived at the park at 11:45
We went to V2 and waited 1 hour. It was so much fun in 3rd row.

We then went to Iron Wolf. We waited about 25 minutes. When we were going up the lift hill, I looked in the employee parking lot, and Sky Whirl pieces were still there! Iron Wolf was really smooth with no head-banging problems.

Next on to American eagle. AWaited about 30 minutes. Only blue side was running the whole day. Fun but bumpy.

Next we went to Viper. Waited about 45 minutes. We sat in the middle. Fun!

Raging Bull was next. About a 30 minute wait. Rode yellow train. This ride was so fun with my hands up.

Next was bumper cars. 20 minute wait.

Back to Viper. We decided  to wait for first row. I have never been on first row before, so I was nervous. Front row was so fun. Waited about 30 minutes.

Next was Demon. Waited 10 minutes. Not much to say.

Back to Raging Bull. Waited 30 minutes. 3rd row. I love this ride. I can't get enough of it. Yellow train yet again.

Back to Viper. We decided to get back row. It was really dark now so our excitement grew. There was no line until the station. We went straight to the back row, and the ride broke down. They fixed it in 10 minutes so we were on 20 minutes later. IMO I think the back row gives more airtime than 1:3. Don't get mad.

Oh, I forgot to mention something! The Deja Vu Surprise! It is not that big of a surprise but they had workers working on it. I also thought I saw a train on the tracks. I got closer, and there was indeed part of the Deja Vu train on the track. I know you're wondering what part? It was one row of the train on the track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

V2 can't be compared to any of the rides in SFGAm!The Vertical Drop was amazing!

Monday, September 3, 2001 7:28 AM
The report or cars on the track of Deja Vu has been verified by several sources including myself.  Pictures may be coming in the near future of the trains on the track of Deja Vu.  I did not take any as I did not have my camera.  However other people did.  Hopefully pics will be online soon.
Yes, I want my Deja Vu and eat it too!

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