SFGAm 8/6 My 1st ride on Deja Vu!

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After reading the weather forecast for Waukegan the past couple days, I was sure it would rain today, but I went anyone with two other friends and my mom. We left at about 9:00 and were finally (my mom was talking to my friend's mom) on our way by 9:20. We got to the park at about 10:20 and could see that there werent as many cars pulling into Six Flags, and it only took about 3 min. to pay to park. It seemed good.

As we were waiting to pay to aprk, I swore I noticed a train on Deja Vu. I wasnt sure. But then as we were pulling into the parking lot, I saw the train (10:23 a.m.). Yay! It didnt seem to have people on it, but I wasnt sure. I said that we should go over there first so we dont have to wait later. As we entered the park, the lines just getting in the park werent long at all. Only a minute long, and the ticket lines were only a few minutes. Haven't seen that all year.

So as we were heading to Deja Vu to see if it was open, I saw it. We were just at the Whizzer when I saw the train WITH PEOPLE! I was surprised how early it was to see it operating. Thats a good sign. So when we got to the entrance of County Fair, we just ran to Deja Vu. There was hardly any wait. It was my first time entering that line. It was so exciting. The line started where you can look right into the station at the front row riders. Cool View. We moved about a minute after getting in line but didnt move much for about another 3 cycles. It seems that they only let riders in the station every so many cycles so it doesnt get to be chaos. I ended up being the first one let in after waiting so I got abtter choice of seat. So 3 cycles later, I'm in line for 6B. I chose B because I wanted a better view. There were hardly any people in the station when we got in that we only waited one train. I was very shocked to see how close you are to the seat in front of you in the A seats.Glad I didnt sit there. So it was my turn to ride. Only 15 min. (actually less probably) and we're off. I was surprised at how fast you travel up the first spike. Very high but very cool!

The loading was good at about 4 minutes. I felt more air on that then Raging Bull excluding the first drop, last row of it. Its now my 2nd favorite ride. Very good going backwards. When we got off, the line was just at the start of the que, but no switchbacks. 9/10

Next was Raging Bull. As we approached it, all we saw was a huge line expened out of the que. They had two switchbacks open in only the first que house and only 2 TRAINS. As we approached the actual entrance, the line was nearly extended out the game just before Raging Bull. As we got in the que house, they opened up ALL the switchbacks in the first que house. We only went throught the first 4 though because we further in line. Why didnt they just put the 3rd train on! So 30 min later we on the last row, red train. Nice ride. I never thougth of this ride as "thrilling." More so fun. And it sure was. Great ejector air on the first drop but not so much the rest of the ride. As we got off though, NO ONE in line for about 7 rows. Everyone was going for the front. Eventually people came up but still about 7 empty seats. I noticed on the ride that Viper had a long line. 8/10.

Next we ate lucnch at the Farmer's market and watched Deja Vu. Its been sooo long!

We went to Batman to find an hour wait so instead we did V2. Full que but no bridge. Assuming it would be no more than 30 min., it wasnt. We were in the last switchback when it broke down. We had waited 25 min already. It was going up the first spike the 2nd time when the brakes went down, hard. Faster than when it does normally. I new it was too early. So when the train was going backwards, it stopped, but half of it was not in the station. It was just like when it normally ends. But didnt go anymore where you would hear the squeaking sound. About 10 min later its fixed. They brought the train back into the station and 2 min later. The send the same train off w/the same people. No testing. It was fixed so we only waited about another 5 min. When we entered the station, again plenty of empty rows. It seemed that people must have left. Stupid. We got a ride towards the middle with a one trian wait. Great ride. 9/10.

Next we did Rue Le Dodge. We decided to pick one person and go after them the whole time. That was fun! 10/10 :-)

We were gonna hit Raging Bull again, but when we got to the ride, HUGE LINE. The line went out of the que, all switchbacks open in the first que house, and the line even went into the 2nd que house. :-( But no switchbacks open there. And they still didnt put the 3rd (yellow) train on. So we skipped it and we gonna go to American Eagle when my friend noticed lightning. I felt a drop of water on my shoulder and new it was gonna rain. And it did. About a minute later it was pouring. We went under an awning by a game and watched some idiots slide down the path in water where the Southwest Territory goes by Demon. And we even saw a guy carrying the top of a garbage can over his head. Stupid. When the rain dies down, we decided to just leave at about 3:00. My friends (who are brothers) had to leave early tommorow anyway. It took us 2 hours to get home as opposed to 1 cause of rush hour. It was fun day, only 4 rides, but at least I got on Deja Vu.

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I was in southwest when it started raining. I saw the guy with the garbage can too. My group and I were sprinting from awening to Awening so i probably bumped into you. We started at the bridge between southwest and Hometown then we sprinted to Peabodys, Then to Trailblazer, then we walked down the platform by the game booths. After that we sprinted to the bathroom. It was still raining so we ran to the Amphitheatre (sp?) tunnel, then we ran all the way to Farmer's Market where we ate fries and waited out the storm.

Well at least it started to Clear the croweds out.

Also, at about three there was a mardi gras parade that we caught on the way to Superman. Right now i'm fiddling with the beads and streamers that people threw at me. There were these huge explosions and everyone was thowing Mardi Gras Beads everywhere. and there was one Zombie Jamboree (Fright Fest Parade) Float in it that was a limosine carrying a Coffin in the Back. It was for the Dead Elvis show that they have. It was actually a very cool parade.

Anyway, nice TR. Hope you had fun. Oh, and I had to Comment: Frarmer's Market huh, Where is that exactly? In Cnounty Fair, Perhaps?

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I just can't resist, but this was your first ride on Deja Vu? ...and you call yourself SFGAman? ;)

Glad you had a good time, though. Man, I would kill to have my pick of the last 7 rows on RB!
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I was suppoused to go to SFGAM on that day...but it was going to be on a bus trip and they didnt get enough people to go...oh well. I havent been to SFGAM since May 2001, but I had a blast when I was there.

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