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Went to SFGAm today for the "Bring a friend for free day" coupon that came with my season's pass and I noticed some things.

1) Shockwave: Blue train has been removed, chain is still on the track (It was ridiculous to think otherwise-- it would require a crane to remove it.)

2) Hometown Fun Machine was operating around 5 PM-- I was under the assumption that it only ran on weekends.

3) Great America's clientele today was about 80% hillbillies. (I know I'm gonna get flamed for this) I don't have anything against so called "rednecks," but I find the change in guest "type" interesting. All the people in my group agreed that there was an unusually large amount of them in the park. :)

4) Got a chance to look at Sky Trek Tower, and it did indeed have a plate on the inside that said it was built by "Metal" something (Rideops kept me from getting a good look :) ).

5) Realized I didn't know who made Chubasco. Anybody know?

6) Realized that if you're looking for some cheap junk food, there's a Hostess outlet shop right across the street from the park--for breakfast our group got two apple pies, a thing of ho-hos, cupcakes, and a massive box of mini doughnuts cost $2.71-- that's $0.04 less than a bottle of coke in the park! :)

As far as riding went, our riding order was:

Triple Play
Raging Bull
American Eagle (Backwards) Trim brakes did not engage-- incredible speed on this ride!!!
Triple Play
Sky Trek Tower

Would've gone on more, but our group had to leave by 6:00.

Thanks for listening

Disclaimer: This trip report was not made to offend anybody: all was said in fun-- If you were offended, just consider me an arrogant jerk and be done with it... :)

I think Chubasco is a Zamperla?

I'll say this once, and I'll get disagreed with, but I am under the impression that SFGAm's food is absolutely terrible, save for their fried chicken. (But not chicken fingers...)

I should say, actually, that the only terrible food is their 'hot' food, which, usually, isn't hot at all. They have a great selection of cold drinks, those glazed pecans aren't bad, and an amazing amount of candy.

Because I have a parking pass (though I assume you can do this with a single-day pass too), we usually leave the lot at dinner time, and go to Subway, Burger King (bad...), or, if the craving hits, and we feel determined, head south on 294 to the Lake Forest oasis and eat Wendy's. All of that is better, and cheaper (even with the tolls on 294) than the food at the park.

Yep... It is PICTURES now... http://www.loopscrew.com

For future reference, there's a Wendy's just down the road from the park.
I've had very good food at GAm but you need to make sure you eat in a restaurant, not from a food stand.
Sorry I-Nar , but Wendy's isnt that serious and like Sky Whirl Guy said, you could have drove right down Grand Ave. over by Gurnee Mills to eat at a Wendy's. Not only did you go out of your way, and paid a toll, but that Wendy's is the most expensive(tollway oasis).

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That little buffet joint in Southwest Territory isnt all that bad. It has reasonable prices, free drink refills, and an all you can eat buffet. Personally, I thought the buffet looked kinda sucky so I ordered a sandwich off the menu and had more food than I could possibly finish. It was about Applebee's quality food at an Applebee's price which all it all was a very good deal in the middle of an amusement park.

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When I go to an amusement park, I just expect to get slightly raped for food. I happily paid for and munched down on a foot long corndog.

My son, on the other hand "shopped around" and decided the chicken fajitas were the best deal for the price (he's 16), and rather than pay for soda pop, he got a free ice water instead.

Most of the time, we eat a very hearty breakfast before heading into a park, get something to "tide us over" around 3 or 4 pm, and then head to a place outside the park after closing.

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I-Nar, I agree that the food isn't all that great, but I love the nachos there. Of course, it really isn't very hard to mess up nachos (cheese and chips, whats so hard about that?).

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