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Tuesday, August 12, 2003 9:36 AM
I headed out w/my friend and his dad yesterday assuming that since they forecasted storms and cool temperatures, it wouldnt be crowded. I was wrong! You'll see why.

I got picked up 20 min. late and it really didnt take to long to get there except for the traffic on Grand Ave. It was backed up on the right lane all the way to the expressway including the exit. It took about 30 min. just to get to the booths where you pay to park. The parking lot was packed! We ended up parking even with where the top of the lift hill is on Viper.

Overall the lines were huge. I mean Raging Bull at FULL que and out in the midway. In moring they only used one que house. Iron Wolf- Full and a little in the midway. Superman- Full and WAY out in the midway. Past the Rue Le Dodge. V2- Full and a little out in the midway. Whizzer had a full que. Ginat Drop had about a 25 min wait but it got shorter later. Deja Vu opened aroung 12 and had the full 2 1/2 hour wait and guess what?, out in the midway too. American Eagle in the moring had a couple swithbacks open but was REALLY backed out in the midway. Demon had about a 30 min. wait. Batman had all the switchbacks open inside and outside the line but it didnt go to that other entrance in Orleans Place.

So basically the lines were huge until about 6. Basically everything shortened except for Superman and Deja Vu. The weird thing was that all the water rides (not Ice Mt. Splash cause it was closed) had walkons. I guess it was cause it was only in the high 60s, cloudy, drizzling, and windy :-). We only did Roaring Rapids. They actually had the waterfall going in the tunnel on. Haven't see that in a while, and of course the aliens and the alligators there.

With all the lines we had to get a fastlane for each of us. It was worth it for the lines today. Heres what we did:

Giant Drop: 2 rides: 25 min. each. I actually felt a lot of airtime on the first drop. Never happened to me before. Maybe cause it was raining.

Raging Bull: 2 rides. We used fastlane both times. Got one ride in the 8th row and one in the front. As always very good.

AE red: 1 ride. My friend's dad was scared and didnt want to do backwards. It was still very fun. I prefer backwards though. The trim brakes at the top of the helix were really strong. Wasnt so much fun at the start of the helix.

Iron Wolf: 1 ride. Fatlane. We beat an hour long line which was good. We rode in a little bit of drizzle but it made it more fun!

Demon: 1 ride. 2nd to last seat. I really love this ride a lot. Great ejector air on the first drop and all the special effects with both tunnels make it a really nice ride. I stuck my head out a little on the corkscrews and it really helped.

V2: 2 rides. We used the fastlane only once and that was when it was at a full que. Later in the day around 7 the line was only 10 min. We rode towards the back in the 10th row and then the 12th. Good ride.

The last ride we went on was Viper. We had to decide between that and Raging Bull. Raging Bull was half full and Viper had about a 15 min wait. I told him we should ride Viper. He was never on it before. It was so funny because he was so mad when we were in line. He saw saying stuff like: why are those people screaming, theres my baby (pointing to RB). When he asked me how tall this is I said only 80 ft. and he gave me some look like this is some stupid kiddie ride. I just couldn't stop laughing. He said to me, "if I smile at one point this entire ride I'll pay you 2 bucks." And boy did he smile. We rode in the 3rd to last seat. I had my hands up the whole ride. It was so much fun. Heres the best part. He actually started screaming during ride becasue of all the headchoppers. His excuse: it was because that thing didnt go all the way down and I thought I would fly out. Yeah right. This is definitely one of my favorites.

During the day we even got a lot of flats in: Giant Drop, River Rocker, Ricochet, Fiddler's Fling, ERC, Chubasco, and Condor. The only problem was that the ops were REALLY slow on most of those rides. It took forever to check each car.

Except for the lines it was really fun. I didnt get to ride Deja Vu and S:UF again but it was still ok, and Batman just had huge lines all day. The only rain was just a little "mist," not even drizzle. And it only lasted about 2 min. each time. That was last trip this summer until Fright Fest and it was really fun!

Top 5 SFGAm Coasters: 1) Deja Vu, 2) Raging Bull, 3) V2, 4) Batman: The Ride, 5) Viper


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