SFGAm 8-12-01 part1

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Monday, August 13, 2001 10:49 AM
Hi, remember me. I posted the thing that was titled "SFGAm-all coasters in one day," read on to see if I acomplished my goal.

We arrived at the park about 9:50am. We wanted to go to V2 first. They closed off the park till it was officially open. About a minute later we were off. We didn't see V2 testing but all the other rides were so we were going to go to Batman. By the time we got to Batman, people were getting in the line for V2. We decided to go to V2 instead. After about 30 minutes in line we were on. This ride is so cool. THe way it blasts you off. I love the spiral.

Next we went to Batman. It was about a 25 minute wait. The theming is really cool. When we were on, It was a bit of a surprised to me. Although I have been on it before, it seems to me it has gotten rougher. I think Batman is showing its age now. But, I never thought this coaster was that good anyways.

Then we went to Iron Wolf. About a 27 minute wait. I always loved this ride. It had good airtime. This time I rode it was the only time I felt headbanging. It wasn't really that bad though. I still love this ride.

Next we went on American Eagle. This was almost the longest line of the day. It was about 40 minutes. They were testing the Blue side but it got stuck. Only the red side was open. This ride is really fun but bumpy.

We then went to Loggers Run. It was about 20-30 minute wait. Nothing much to say about this ride except that I got soaked.

We ate lunch. I was really surprised that we got V2, Batman, Iron Wolf, American Eagle, and Loggers Run done before 1:30.

We were back in the park by 2:30 to hit Raging Bull. It was about a 40 minute wait. I never liked this ride because after the first drop, to me it was boring. When I finnaly got on, I decided to put my hands up after the first drop. I have never been able to keep my hands up on a ride before so I knew I wouldn't be able to put it for the first drop. After the drop I kept my hands up. I got loads of airtime. Being pushed up to my lap bar was an amazing feeling. I was really surprised that I actually kept my hands up almost the whole ride. IMO, this added a lot of excitement to this ride. This ride use to be number 8 on my list of SFGAm rollercoasters, now it is number 2.


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