SFGAm 8-1-03

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Me and two friends decided to head out to the park today. We arrived at the park around 9:30 and walked passed Superman cause it looked long, big mistake, so we walked over and got stoped at the bridge. We waited there then they let us in and we walked over to Batman. We sat in the front row second train of the day. This is still my favorite coaster in the park. 10/10.

Next up was V2. Only about a 5 min wait. I sat back row. This isnt one of my favorite rides but I still like it. Nice ride 8/10.

We walked passed Iron Wolf said it didnt open till 11. It was only 10:30 so we didnt wait. We walked to Eagle only the Blue Side was open. We waited 1 trian for the Front row. It was only a one train wait. I got alot of airtime cause i gave my self plenty of room. Very nice ride and I like the new wood. 8/10

We saw DeJa Vu testing so we went over there. THe line started to form and we were right there. No more then 15 minutes later we were heading into the station. Finnaly I got to ride it this year. We got on the first train of the day. I got the third to last seat the out side seat. It was so great to be back on, its been way to long. I love this ride 10/10 Fantastic ride.

Next we headed over to Raging Bull. Only about a 20 min wait. We sat in the back row left seat. Very great and smooth ride. 10/10

Then it started pouring when we were eating. So we ran over to superman when it was done and we waited out side of the line for about 30 min while they tested it. After that we were let into the line the wait was only about an hour wait. I like the thing they do with the ticket to prevent people from cuting. We sat in the back row, I sat right seat. My friend Ash didnt like the pretzel loop to much but i love it thats the best inversion type thing ever the g's are awsome. I give the ride a 9/10 very smooth and fun.

Next we did the train once because there feet were starting to hurt. After the train the dragged me on the river rapids ride. I never remeber getting so wet on the ride made me wish even more i didnt go on it.

After that we rode Raging Bull 4 more times in a row. Every time Very good rides 10/10.
We also did Eagle Red I like backwords better 7/10.

We left the park around 9:05 when we got off the Bull for the last time. The park was kinda crowded today but it was a very good day, I give the day a 9/10. I will be back at the park tomorrow.

When did they start doing the tickets for S:UF? Whenever I've gone they havnt given us any tickets, but maybe its just for the crowded days of July and August.
I think they're just starting to do it on any day. Last time they did it and it was only a 40 min wait (it was July though). They didnt do it earlier in the season. I dont remember it in June either.

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I was at the park again today and they were doing the same thing with the tickets. I didnt ride it thought cause the line was to long and it was to hot.
At the end of June they started doing it. I'm not sure if it really helps much, as line jumping at GAm has never seemed like much of a problem. At least, to me. I'm not sure if I'm blind.

And Superman always had a lot of park security people by its winding queue section anyway.

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