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Monday, May 28, 2001 10:00 PM
Well, this was originally supposed to be a small report, tacked onto my SFStL trip report, then it got long and I separated it, then my cat bumped the power cord to my computer and I lost everything - so it's back to short...Just a semi incoherent summery really...

Season pass holder - 3 trips this year so far.
2 of the trips back to back about 2 weeks ago.
Came back 2nd day 'cause we were told V2
would open - it did. =)

V2 = one ride, opening day. Last car. Great !!!

Batman - typical 2 of the trips, short line one of the trips - awesome !

Shockwave - closed all 3 times =(

American Eagle - ho hum. First drop is nice. Rest of it is getting boring. There are many better woodies out there now...time for them to retrack it or build us a new mega woodie. The 2nd car will -never- run backwards again I'm told by a ride op.

Iron Wolf - new head padding. Makes a big difference. Since it's B&Ms first, we are probably stuck with it forever...I love it, but I'd love to get a bigger standup someday. Think SFKK would trade us Chang for the Eagle ? ;)

Demon - Something to do when all the other lines are too long. Can't go wrong upside down.

Giant Drop - multiple rides, always. One of my favorites. They should give us a 2nd one, but this time make it an S&S tower. A retrofit to a Standing drop wouldn't be bad either.

Raging Bull - My current favorite. One of these days, I'm riding it all day. The back car's the best ! =)

Viper - Airtime, head choppers and speed...what more can you ask for ? Once again, hit it from the back ! I mentioned before, I have a season pass. I go pretty much every week. I'm trying to get some friends to agree to going on a specific day weekly, most likely Tuesday, but I'm game to go anytime Mon-Thur if anyone wants to meet up. I live in Madison, WI, so if you are in Madison, Milwaukee or off of I-94 on the way, we might even be able to car pool. Drop me a line @ =)


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