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Tuesday, July 9, 2002 10:36 AM

Well we arrived at about 1:00 and left at 9:00. My friend and I had planned to marathon on raging bull the whole day. So we went straight to it and rode it for a while trying to reach our goal of 28 so I could have my 100th ride on it. However, the red train was having problems with the row 6 restraints and closed down twice for a short period of time. Lines were getting longer but we stuck it out for a little while longer.... until they took off the red train. That was enough for us.... we went on to other ride for the rest of the day (about 5:00). In those first four hours, we only got in 13 rides.

We moved on to American Eagle and rode each side once and then stopped for a little food. Lines were starting to get very short so we went back to raging bull hoping to finish the last 15 to get my 100th but of course with two train operation, it was about 15 minute line and we decided to go ride viper and maybe come back.

Well we went on 1.3 on Viper and two more trains and of course...... CLOSED The restraints wouldn't open in the station! It was only about ten extra minutes soo we weren't bothered too much by that. It was a great ride. Chris, the operator that checked my lapbar, left it suprisingly high which i was very grateful for making it a superb ride with a lot of air.

We decided to wait in the amazingly long line for Deja Vu. It was actually pretty short but with the low ride capacity, we waited an hour for the outside front seats. An overall great ride.

Off to V2... About a 5 minute wait!! We only rode it twice though since we wanted to catch a ride on some other things before our day ended. We went for a ride on the whizzer and checked the time and realized we had a half hour left. We headed towards Shockwave for the rest of the day since it's right near the front anyways. We only rode it twice but i would seriously say these were the FUNNEST rides of the day. There were only about ten people on the ride and we were clapping and laughing the whole time. Shockwave is a great ride. If you know what to be prepared for and when to brace yourself etc. it is an awesome and very enjoyable ride.

An overall great day. Jack, an operator on Raging Bull, made it an even better day by just being so nice and friendly. When he left, it was also a reason not to keep marathoning on the bull. More ride ops need to be more like Jack. He's the best.

i'll be back Friday to hopefully finish those 15 and get my 100th ride on the Bull.

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*** This post was edited by coasterzach1 on 7/9/2002. ***

Tuesday, July 9, 2002 11:27 AM
Nice TR! I really want to ride on of the Deja Vus.

-Sean Newman
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