SFGAm 7/6/2003 - Tornado Sunday

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Wow, what a day at the park.

Got to the park at just after 10 and walked to Raging Bull. I had heard it was going to rain so I put a poncho in my pocket. I had 2 friends with me, 1 took the poncho and one didn't (he would regret this later). We got 4 rides on Bull with no line in the morning, just kept going through the fastlane part to get in line again.

Next we went to Viper, one ride very fun as usual. After Viper my friends wanted to ride Richochet, since they like riding the flats...as do I. So we rode it, then went on Demon. No waits for any ride yet. Went to Eagle Blue and rode that with a little line on the stairs but no big deal. The trims were on pretty light so I had a pretty good ride on it. Went on Fiddlers Fling, and East River Crawler since my one friend can't fit on anything with seatbelts. Then we headed for lunch.

Got back and rode Rue Le Dodge. Right when we got out it just started raining (not that hard though but enough to close the rides). Me and my friend Mike had our ponchos so we decided to go wait in line for Superman since we expected it to get shorter because of the rain delay and we figured it would be shorter once it opened up.

While waiting in line through very very heavy rain, my friend Jeorge who declined the poncho eairlier was soaked. Then the Tornado sirens went off. At first I was sort of wondering if they were the Tornado siren or not, so I asked the employee. They confirmed they were the sirens, I asked what to do. They told me "If you see a Tornado run like hell". So its nice to know that if there is ever a Tornado at Six Flags they have a well thought out procedure. After 3 tornado warnings and about 4 hours later we finally go on and were the first in line.

We rode the back row, for a great ride. Nice water effects under the first drop and Pretzel loop due to flooding. My friend's Mike and Jeorge loved it, so they got right back in line. Most the people in the park had left after the first tornado siren so it was only a 20 minute line. Went and rode the back seat again for another ok ride....waiting seems to make the ride better. Went to the bathroom and started to head towards Batman.

While in front of where PowerDive used to be a BIG lightning flash comes out of nowhere, followed quickly by a very LOUD crack of thunder. Everyone around me and myself included all ducked down, it was crazy. Never seen lightning like that before. Immediatly after that it started to downpour again, so we ran under a overhang and took cover and got our ponchos on.

We decided to go ride Rue Le Dodge again until the rain stopped. So we walked over there and by the time we got out of Rue Le Dodge it had stopped.

Went back over to Raging Bull and saw nothing was going on there. So we rode Chubasco, then my friends wanted to play a few games in the arcade. While they were doing that, I noticed Raging Bull starting to test so I went and got in line. They followed shortly and Bull opened not to long after. Got another 5 rides on it without much of a wait. I saw a guy and a girl with coasterbuzz sweatshirts on and sort of waved. They gave me a odd look, so I just turned away .

Went around the park again riding V2, Iron Wolf and Batman. Then went to ride Bull 2 more times to finish the night.

Superman: Ultimate Flight Count (SFGAm) = 47

Ya that was me in line with my wife, sorry I did not say more but at that time we were a little out of wack.

We just got to the park and as we got in line for bull we were approached by 2 wackos who stated they were Ace members and kept on throwing out coaster facts at us that I knew were incorrect and would not stop. Needless to say I just wanted to get on my way. As you can see with my large amount of posts in three years I am not the most social Buzz member.

As much as I go to your sight I wish I would of know it was you. Well, guess I will have to catch you next time.

Lol, well I wasn't the Ace person who was throwing around the wrong facts. I don't think I said Hi even, just yelled out "coasterbuzz" and pointed to your sweatshirt lol.

Superman: Ultimate Flight Count (SFGAm) = 47

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