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Our group of four got to the park around nineish and headed straight inside. Parking wasn't too terribly nuts just yet, so we managed to get in line for SUF at just the right time. They opened up shop after a few minutes (which I spent giggling over the huge "Mr. Six" dancing wind sock thingies ^_^) and so began the day. Things got nuts around noonish so we popped back to the car for lunch. Around three, the temperature seriously dropped, so we changed clothes in the parking lot and went back in. Everything cleared out in an hour and we had little to no wait times on everything for the rest of the day. Ah, good ol Chicago weather. Don't like it, just wait five minutes. It'll change. ^_~

SUF: Going up that hill still scares the bejesus out of me for some reason. Maybe it's just because there's nothing between me and the drop but that harness. Seriously enjoyed the coaster much more the second time around, and that pretzel loop still rocks so hard it's almost scary. Still wouldn't wait in line for 3+ hours for it. Getting there at the beginning of the day is still by far the best choice. 7 out of 10.

Batman: Once the day got into full swing, the line for Batman was INSANE. Seriously, I haven't seen a line like that since the damn thing OPENED. We waited till much later and managed to catch a rockin, short-wait night ride. Still one of the best rides in the park in my humble opinion, and the theming really comes out at night. New paint job is majorly spiff. 8 out of 10.

V2: Down. Yeah, for some freakin reason it wasn't operating. There were mechanics testing it on and off during the day. Kind of a bummer, but it wasn't the first time we passed it up.

Demon: Running rocky, as usual, but it's still a classic. We waited till later in the day to get on, and managed to practically walk our way up to the platform. 6 out of 10.

American Eagle: Once forward, once Backward. Actually the blue train was shakier than the red for some reason, but it's still one of my favorite coasters ever. Taking that helix on the red car just seriously made my day, with the sun and the clouds and the wind. Awesome ride, both times. 9 out of 10.

Raging Bull: I had a friend with us that was heavier set and had trouble getting the restraint down, so she passed up riding. I've done bull more times than I can count, so I passed and let my man and our roomie take a ride. Wouldn't have been so craptastic had I not waited for two hours, but hey, I couldn't make her sit there all alone. ^_^

Viper: The line moved quickly until we got to the station. Seriously, the need to do some sort of crowd control up there. It's like a frickin MOB. Viper was running well, and I had some great pops of airtime. 6 out of 10.

Deja Vu: ...Been there, done that, Not worth the four hour wait. Pfft. =P

Stargate 3000: Okay so maybe I'm a nerd, but this IS one of the more entertaining motion sim attractions they've had in Space Shuttle America in ages. Beats Dino Island, anyway... 5 out of 10

That's about it. The only other thing I can say is that the old funnel cake foundry is in serious need of some extra seating outside. You couldn't find a table to save your life. Not a bad day at the park. I've had better, but with season passes for two years, I'm spoiled and hate waiting. ^_^

Cedar Point in three weeks! WHEEE! ^_^

OK, sorry to ask a stupid question, but what day did you go?

I'm looking to go to Six Flags Great America sometime this year and have heard from people that have lived up there that the park is always busy, no matter what day you go.

I would like to go up and at least get one ride on each coaster that they have... anyone think that it is possible in one day (that is, a typical week day when it is nice outside and not rainy or cold).

Otherwise, I guess I'll have to buy a second-day pass and go the next day too.

Spraker- Go Tue,Wed or Thur those are your best bets.

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Yeah, I figured as much.

Do you believe I will need to go two days in order to enjoy all the coasters and some of the other rides, or can you typically get in all the rides and a few with seconds?

2 days if you want to ride each coaster once, some of the flats, and some coasters 2 or 3 more times

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You know,

Just looking at the Six Flags website, I can't see how the Chicago park makes any profit. They are only open for about 3 months out of the year. Most of the other parks are between 4-6 months out of the year, like St. Louis.

Hopefully if all goes well I plan to go to St. Louis on the 15th. I've been to that park plenty times and know by going on a weekday I can ride everything probably twice if not more.

Thanks Kyle. I'll have to plan on two days then. Luckily I get tickets through the farm bureau for about $32.
SFGAm is open May-October like many parks in the North, which is six months. When you see this park's attendance you will easily see how this is probably one of their most profitable parks. Last year it was the 4th most attended Six Flags park and the 23rd most attended park in the U.S.
Im also hoping to go later this summer, but sadly, its looking like its going to have to be on a Saturday for me. I of course would get their at opening, is there any way possible to get in most if not all of the coasters on a Saturday?

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I've found that the best times to go are Tuesdays and Wednesday, especially if it's overcast and looking a little icky outside. It might not be the best weather but believe me, people clear out fast when the threat of rain looms.

Usually I hang out in the arcade if the weather gets crappy, then hop onto the popular rides the second the parents with little ones and bus groups clear out.

I went on a Wednesday in fairly nice weather, and I had no trouble gettin on all the rides multiple times. I think total we counted somewhere around 25 rides on coasters, and that was with lines about 10-15 min. long. I guess you will just have to see on the day you go if you need a 2nd day pass.
If you can hold off until September and take your Saturday trip, you might be better off. Try to hit the time inbetween weeken-only operation & Fright Fest. You could always purchase a fast pass if you are only going to be there 1 day as well.
get a season pass and you can do all six flags parks for even less than 32 a day if you go more than 2 times :-) and does GAm have fastlane or Qbot Gold? if so use it and a saturday may be easy to make each coaster if you have the extra cash?
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They have fast lane. If you plan on getting that, I reccommend getting in line for that asap when you get to the park. If it's a busy day they tend to sell out =)
I think it's funny spraker that you want to avoid it on a rainy or chilly day, since those are the most empty days at the park and when you can get on the most rides in the least amount of time (I spent $30 on a good raincoat and love empty parks in the rain). SFGAm is usually pretty crowded, and I would agree that a good idea is to go there later in the season. When FrightFest begins, I usually stop going there due to how crowded it is. If I do go, when suffering from mid-Fall coaster withdrawal, I usually will get a FastPass. The season pass book this year had a 3 for 2 deal. It is a crowded park, and weekdays in the summer would be your best bet. You should check the SFGAm website though and check for special events you may to avoid as well (they tend to bring in large crowds too).
Thats a good idea about going on a Saturday in Sept. I think I could wait that long, no problem. Looking at their calendar, Saturday September 18th or 25 sound like pretty decent dates. I'll have to see what my friends think about that, though. How do those dates sound to you guys?

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We're still trying to decide when exactly to make our trip to Great America. My friends seem to want to go on Saturday the 28th of August, but I still want to hold out and go on either the 4th or 11th of september. Im sure the crowds would be better once you get into September...what do you guys think? Should I push the issue or just go ahead and try my luck the 28? Think there would really be that much of a difference crowd wise if we went a week or 2 later? *** Edited 8/18/2004 9:18:45 PM UTC by stljason1***

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