SFGAm 7/30/02 Whizzer Stalls at night.

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We got to the park at about 10:05 am. My dad tried to take the pathe under the American Eagle to get into the parking lot and I told him it was closed but he didn't beleive me so we did it anyways, and IT WAS CLOSED!, lol. We ended up driving around gurnee for about 20 minutes before we got to the park. The park was so crowded but lucky us we bought our tickets ahead of time at our local Credit Union. The best part was, getting my cousin who had never gone to great america before on the rides. She loved em especially Raging Bull. But she got a little scared on V2 but hey, she is 11, lol shes pretty brave. Seeing as how she didn't go on Kraken @ Sea World but she went on Raging Bull.

Raging Bull 7/10, I now agree with people saying that the Bull is missing something, I had one of the worst rides on that ever. I had no air on the third hill, but that's how it goes. Why do they have the breaks there? Anyways we waited about 10 minutes. And got the last row.

Giant Drop 9/10, What can I say? lol, I love this ride the sudden snap and drop of it is awesome. It was great, waited about 20 minutes.

Demon 8/10, We chose the back row, AWESOME AIR on the first drop. The corkscrews are a little rough but it was still a good ride. Waited about 20 mintues.

American Eagle Forwards 9/10 Wow, this has killer air time in the back it was great. We waited about maybe 15-20 minutes. All in all it was awesome.

Iron Wolf, 5/10, can I say OUCH! The hill before the corkscrew slammed my head into the restraint, my family was complaining about it too, thats why my brother opted not to ride. I should have too but I kinda liked it.

Batman: The Ride 9/10, Does anyone else almost pass out or feel like there are too many positive g's on this? I love it but I was soo damn dizzy after but it wasn't as bad as last months trip. We waited like an hour for it.

V2- Vertical Velocity 10/10, Absolutely AWESOME. This is my second time on the ride and it's still one of my favorites ever. It broke down a few times because the brakes weren't put back up and the train stopped on the launch pad. But it was good. We waited about one hour and 10 minutes. EE! , lol.

Deja Vu- Didn't Ride becuase of a long line and pretty much every one had been on it before. And it didn't impress me much.

Shockwave- 7/10 Breif ride experience alright here we go, up the lift, down the hill this is great, nice loop, another nice loop but I'm starting to black out, what's happening I can't see jack sh*t. Oh here's the brakes, wait......it's over? I almost lost conciousness on this, does anyone else feel this way on the third loop? cuz after that i can't remember a thing.

American Eagle Backwards, Not enough time so we didn't ride. Altough I wanted to.

Viper 10/10, Back row lap bars like two inches away from my body ad wouldn't go down any farther it rocked!!! Air time on every hill. This is still my favorite woodie.

And Finally the night rides.

Whizzer You'll see/10. We got in line about 9:30 and waited about 10 mintues and then we get up to the stair part and we turn around cuz people are screaming and we see it stalled right on the hill by the spiral lift. And so we decided it wasn't going to open back up but we watched the people walk down the catwalk with a ride op and someonoe else. And that was that, my final chance to ride whizzer and it breaks down. I was really mad. I mean REALLY mad.
So we decided to go to another coaster.

Which brings my best ride of the ENTIRE DAY.

Raging Bull at Night. A Perfect 10/10. Back Row again. Awesome I got the most air time ever on this ride. Even with those damn brakes on the third hill. It was awesome. We waited like 10 mintues. And had a great time the entire day.

Other Rides besides coasters we rode. Me and my friend Julia separated ourselves from my family for a while to ride some flat rides while they went on Roaring Rapids. We went on River Rocker. It is a crowd pleaser amongst kids and there parents. lol. I didn't like it all that much it seemed that it was tame, prolly only becuase I was used to being on large coasters instead of a swinging ship. lol. Anyways it was ok.

We also rode the Ice Mountain Splash, great ride and got me a little wet but I ducked on the drop and spalshdown so my friend got hit, lol. She looked like she just got out of the little pond in front of Comlumbia Carousel. But it was a great trip but when I went on a tuesdaty last month it was empty becuase of a rain threat and it only rained once. Guess we picked a good day last month. Well, Bon Voyage to the Whizzer, lol.

Farewell To Willards Whizzer- May 29th 1976-August 11th 2002.
Thanks for giving us a great 26 Seasons!

Good TR, but it sucks that Whizzer stalled when on your last chance to go on it...

Im the #1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!!These are my top 3 coasters:
1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Yankee Cannonball 3. Cyclone/B:TDK

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Whizzer stalled on that brake run last Friday night while I was there. I actually waited it out and got to watch the crew push the train off the brake run so it could complete the course. I spent the entire time talking to one of the ride ops there about the ride and about the rest of the park and actually had a great time. When the ride reopened I got the front car for what may be my last ride. I actually teared up leaving the station. I hope I get to go on the 11th though but if I dont, I cant think of a better way to leave the old girl.

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Glad you had fun on Raging Bull. I've noticed that it really does shine during the later hours of operation. Sorry about Whizzer :(

Thank You for challenging TOS: The Ride. We hope you enjoy the rest of your day, here at SFCB.

I am very sorry about your Whizzer experience. :( And no Eagle backwards? Everyone should be making time for that!
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Ive got stuck on Whizzer before, its the only coaster I have ever been stuck on. Evey car pulled into the station except the back car last year when I was in back, and everyone got out of the train as the ride ops were telling them to stay seated. Nobody stayed seated except me and my friends who were in the back car and didn't have a platform to get off on. So we had to wait 5 min. for the mechanic to get there and push the car the rest of the way into the station.

Good TR though, sorry you didn't get to ride Whizzer.

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If you want to ride Bull in pre-2002 form, ride 9th row, and for the love of God, do not staple yourself. You get airtime over every hill, and the first drop becomes completely insane, especially if you're an idiot like myself (who enjoys sticking his feet out and putting his hands behind his head on the drop.)

I have lost respect for Batman, though. The ride is decent enough, better than Shockwave, most certainly, but the queue situation is atrocious. No one understands the division between front and back rows, which inevitably leads to a horrible backup in the tunnel, and a ton of empty seats in the back of the train.

However, at night, Batman is actually quite decent. I would probably never take time out of the day to ride it (with Bull, Viper, Vu, and V2 so much more deserving) but at night, it certainly deserves a look.

That sucks. I wish I could ride it too. Nice TR.



I rode 9th Row both times, It was great the second time and thank god I didn't staple myself!, lol.

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Ouch. Those Batman comments stung. Batman would be my favorite steel coaster at Great America behind Raging Bull. The intensity is unmatched by any coaster anywhere. No dead spots whatsoever. The line is atrocious, but thats why they theme it, to take your mind off the horrible mess. ;) I think they could do a better job of controlling the crowds in the station too. And well, Raging Bull, row 9? Thats the only row I consistantly ride in for the last 3 years. I did grab 2 or 3 row one laps, but that wasn't my decision. The third hill is absolutley spectacular in row 1. The trims slow the train down, and you actually get pushed forward as the train crawls over creating the perfect floater air, but the First Drop, and all other drops are killed. The moral of the story? Unless you're looking for a watered down ride, refuse any other row except row 9. Until you've taken a few spins in row 9, please refrain from judging the Bull. :)

Thank You for challenging TOS: The Ride. We hope you enjoy the rest of your day, here at SFCB.

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