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Wednesday, July 25, 2001 7:08 PM
we arrived at the park around 9:40. get in the park and went to bull and to top that off the didnt have the chain up underneath the train tracks, horray!!! When we got to bull no line except for front row we got back row and we were off, got back had a re ride and went to eagle.
got a ride on eagle no wait, great three rides in 20 minutes. followed by a wolf ride and a demon ride. got fastlane sry to who are against it but my friends didnt want to wait long for v2.
got back from lunch rode v2 first row, nothing new i've ridden it 11 times before so it wasnt much but all of my friends hadn't so it was a trip for them. went to batman 30 minute wait not bad. back to v2 for a second helping front row again. then to freeze down on roaring rapids. ahh cold. then to shock wave 10 minitue wait 2 train opporation, one of my favs. to viper we go, then to bull againg then to wizzer then to bull. then we left it was an ok day heavier crowds than normal but all in all a fun day.
Wednesday, July 25, 2001 8:49 PM
Yeah, I'd sure call those heavier crowds. They were using the overflow parking... I wasn't too disapointed leaving early because of the crowds.
Something I noticed is they are running Shockwave with 2 trains, and there is a line. Whats wrong with running 3? I doubt it requires more ride-ops than they had stationed there. Oh well. Can't be perfect. (and I was not impressed this year with the way operations were going)

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