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Wednesday, July 25, 2001 5:44 PM
We got to the park around 9:30, and got in right away. We were held back by the rope under the bridge near Shockwave, and stayed close to the front of the crowd. The rope dropped, a mini-running of the bulls began. After about 30 seconds, everyone that wanted to run was gone. Only fast walkers were head of and behind us.
We get in line for V2. Not bad at all. It keeps moving until the stairs going up to the station, and after the first train, we are in the station. I decide to ride with my mom, and we head toward the front. I see the very front isn't a long line yet, so we take it instead. I thought 'who cares if dad and grandma have to wait.' After another train, they moved to the front row line too. Then on the 4th train, it landed wrong, and the still-inefficient ride-ops couldn't fix it themselves, and called a mechanic. The mechanic pushed a few buttons, the train went forward a few feet, came back, and was fixed. We ended up on the 9th train of the day.
All I can say about front row is OMG! Awesome! The spiral's end comes up so fast it's unbelivable! Falling into your harness looking right into the water is awesome! It's just plain incredible! Nothing can compare to it! Ride front row at all costs on S:UE or V2! It is worth it!

Next up was B:TR. Same ride as always.
The next ride was Iron Wolf. Still a headbanger, but not as bad. The new restraints are nice, your ears get cushioning instead of rock hard restraint. Unfortunatly, the ride ops managed to stack the 2 train operation. We sat on the brake run for a good 2 minutes... and it wasn't limited to our ride, either.

We then headed to Raging Bull. Long line, and at the start, very rude people. The last 2 women to butt in front of us got a piece of our mind, and if we would've taken it a little further, I'm sure the rest of the line would've joined in. Nobody cares "My kids are way up there, let us through. It's ok!" I was just hoping she would push me or something, then I could've yelled "SECURITY! SHE ASSAULTED ME!" :) That would've been great. I've had enough of line butters! There is absolutly NO reason!!!! (well, 1. Stopping at an in-line vending macine, but these women didn't.) Everyone, do yourself a favor, and next time someone tries to butt in front of you, make a scene! You won't regret it!
After that, we decided to go home, lines were long, the sun was comming out.

Before we left, we went to ride the Orbit and Hometown Fun Macine.
The Orbit is a Schwarzkopf Enterprise. 5 ride ops on the thing!?!!? Whats up with that??? It was still a fun ride.
Next, Hometown Fun Macine, a scrambler. 1 ride op, looked like he wanted to go home. I think managment needs to fix things like that, there is no reason for having 5 ride-ops on Orbit and 1 on Hometown Fun Macine. He so could have used another ride-op to talk to. I felt sorry for him.

On the most part, it was merely ok. A few high points on my trip, but not many. Let me tell you, heat, family, and lines are not a good thing. There are many other things I did not mention that the park could have done better, but did not.
That is my TR.

Intamin: Steel gifts from god.
CCI: Wooden gifts from god.

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