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Wednesday, July 25, 2001 4:20 PM
My mom and dad, grandma and I just got back from SFGAm. We got to the park around 10 on Tuesday a group of 5 (my uncle was also with on Tuesday), and right away we headed to Viper. Seat 1:3, at someone's sugestion on this site. That is the best seat on the ride!

Next up, RB, short wait, after hearing my dad complain all day Monday, he relized everyone but him was going to ride front seat, so he stole my explanation on why it isn't a bad idea and used it as his own (like his usual self, and he wonders why I'm annoyed by him...) After the ride, I decided it wasn't worth waiting for front row on it again, only back row is worth a long wait.

Next up, Demon... oh wait, no. My dad again gets in the way and says "It never has a line, we'll come back later" so I say "If it never has a line, why not go now while we are here?" and then he ignores me because he knew where it was going. We end up on AE, my grandma and I ride front row. Not a bad ride, but too braked at the top of the helix. Only red train was running.

V2 comes next. We get in line, get a ticket, and snake around outside the accuall queue. It breaks down, my uncle starts getting restless... we end up leaving even though I protested. So instead we went on Yankee Clipper. Boring... Long line... That makes an unhappy me.

B:TR, back row. Something is wrong with me. I started to black out after the 2nd vertical loop. Never before has that happend. I still enjoyed my ride.

We continued to Shockwave. My uncle and I rode in the last row, my grandma, mom, and dad were in the front of the train. I thought it was smooth (for Shockwave, anyways) but very strong G forces. By the 3rd loop, I started blacking out. Only 2 trains were running, which was very stupid because there was a 20 minute wait.

By then we were getting annoyed with each other, and the park. More than just 2 train operation of Shockwave was bad, but many of the ride-ops were unfriendly, crowds were impolite, and it was extremely hot and humid. We decided that Wednesday we would goto Big Chief's instead of a 2nd day at SFGAm.

After lunch (in the parking lot) we went back to Shockwave again, then B:TR again. We got in line for V2 once more, but my uncle decided it wasn't worth the wait (all might uncle, everyone, hail him!...)

We then started walking toward SW Territory again, skipping Iron Wolf due to lines... and AE because we already went on it, and lines... (no one but me can endure a 1 hour line.) I was fed up with skipping rides, so I didn't follow the group to SW, and went to Demon, and they followed like little sheep. It was about a 30 minute wait, and just like always, fast, ejectorseat airtime on the first drop (in back), and... ummm... not a whole lot else.

Then we walked to RB, skipped due to lines... and Viper. Back seat, not as good as 1:3, but still good.

My uncle wanted to get going soon (thank god!) so we went to Whizzer for his last coaster. Good ride, nothing fast or high, but it's just plain fun! Last ride of his day was Triple Play, my favorite flat ride. I want a Trokia (sp?) in my back yard! After he left, we headed over to Yankee Harbor for another Batman ride, but I complained enough to go on V2 instead. About a hour wait, not much more. I was fine until I pulled down the harness. My grandma was a different story, she almost didn't pull it down she was so scared. We sat there about 5 minutes (not due to a breakdown, but because the ride-ops were extrememly inefficient) before we went. Wham! We were off. That was the only ride I've been on in 3 years that's made me scream! It's just plain awesome! And that was in the middle. I love that ride!

Skip Iron Wolf again, skip AE, skip everything in SW... my grandma started complaining she was tired. Great... My dad and I ended up riding Shockwave 1 more time, followed by Condor, and we left for the hotel around 8:45... and I was promised to stay until 10... it pissed me off so much! Before we left, we change our mind and got twickets instead of going to Big Chief's.

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Thursday, July 26, 2001 9:50 AM
Nothing is wrong with you TrBiggar I thought I was the only buzzer that blacks out on this ride seeing the praise that comes from it. For me the ride is nothing but lift, darkness,and back to the station all in less than 45 seconds. Its a whirl and hurl with a wicked twist its in complete darkness (for me anyways) :) I guess I can't take the intensity although I think its the idea of having some many elements in such a small footprint.
Thursday, July 26, 2001 3:25 PM
I always almost black out on Shockwaves third loop, its really common I think it happens to everyone. It adds a new element to the ride, it starts getting gray around the sides of your eyes its pretty weird and then your snapped out of the daze as you hit that hard turn into that brake run.

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