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Went to the park for my first lengthy visit of the year, with two "newbies" who had never been to the park. Arrived at 9:30, in the park by 9:50.

My strategy was for us to bypass Superman and hit V2, which would probably not have much of a line, has slow capacity, and would be prone to breakdown. Best to get that out of the way early. Sure enough as we got to the entrance, the first 20 or so riders had been let into the que, and we were set to be on the second train, in the way back. My sister was incredibly nervous and didn't really want to go, especially not in the back. Well, believe it or not, the ride broke down after the first cycle of the day!! It didn't come back to the right place in the station. So they shut the line off, and it there were just 5 of us in the station! We waited for about 15 minutes, and they finally got the thing running. My brother-in-law loved the ride, but it was a bit too intense for my sister.

Then we hit Superman. 50 minute wait, third to last row. It's a fun ride, a solid addition,but, as everyone has said, there's really nothing to it after the pretzel loop. Not as good as Bull or DV. I Need more rides on it before I give it a final ranking.

Hit Viper. 25 minute wait, back row. Delivered.

Next, RB. 23-minute wait. One house of switchbacks was in place, and it smelled like vomit. Looking up at the transparent canopy, there were several chunks of unidentifiable material, which my brother-in-law and I hypothesized was dry material someone had heaved on the way up the lift hill. Bull gave a nice relaxing ride.

Anyway, the rest of the trip was fun, and here's the best part...

Walking through County Fair, I noticed there was a train on the track of our favorite monument, Deja Vu! I looked closely, and it is indeed the staggered seating model of previous years. A few engineer-type guys were in the station. It never tested.

So, all in all, a great trip. Hit every coaster in the park except Batman, Demon, and DV, but it appears DV will be back in business relatively soon!

Thanks for reading.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is single greatest news ever!!! I'm not exagerating. Ever since May I've been waiting for this UNREAL event. I'm sooo happy. I can finally ride (soon) it for the first time.

Once again that is not sarcasm nor am I exaggerating.

I only wish I was there to see it myself. But I will next week.


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Well, this sucks. I was starting to really think they would finally tear this thing down. Its too bad they are keeping it up.

I hate Mean Streak.

What? I think its great there bringing it back up. They obviously have been working on it so maybe its major problems have been "improved." Not fixed. It most likely will be running a lot better this year so maybe your opinion on the quality of the ride will change. but thats just your opinion.

"Welcome back. When the train stops, push down then pull up on your lap bar. Please exit to your right, and down the exit ramp. We thank you for challenging Raging Bull, and enjoy the rest of your day at Six Flags!"

I didn't like the ride much, and unless it runs flawlessy next year I will be very angry that it wasn't taken down. A nice new flat would be great for that spot.

I hate Mean Streak.

A couple other notes:

1. The "Fiesta Mexicana" was very tasteful and well-done, and not overdone. A couple decent bands playing in the area over by Triple Play, and Mexican music playing over the speakers in the SW territory instead of the slow, old western music. Also, another mexican musical performance was going on in SW territory.

2. For a Sunday in July with relatively nice weather, the waits were minimal thanks to moderate crowds and great ride crews. Besides Superman, no ride other than Roaring Rapids had a wait time exceeding 30 minutes. In fact, I waited slightly longer for Whizzer than Bull or Viper. The Bull crew was really hauling. Mad props to them. When DV opens, that will minimize waits even further.

3. My brother-in-law was really impressed by the park. The only other amusement parks he had visited in his life were CP and Michigan's Adventure, and he felt GAm had a "friendlier" feel than CP and that the rides were on par. That was good to hear.

I was impressed by the park today --cleanliness, minimal breakdowns, quick and friendly crews, a statue being brought back to life. A good day for SFGAm.

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Good News about DV! AHHH I still haven't been on it! it's the only coaster in the park i haven't ridden! I hopw it does open!

Favorite Coasters at SFGAm: 1.)Superman 2.) Viper 3.) Batman 4.) Bull 5.)Eagle

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