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Sunday, July 13, 2003 10:02 AM
We got to the park at about 10:30. I was with my friend. I’m not allowed to use his name so I’ll call him X. We wanted to process his pass in Hometown Square, but the center didn’t open ‘til two. This is when the truth came out! He would not go on Bull, Eagle, or V2. AHHHHHHH. All of those were coasters I wanted to ride! Well at least we both like flats as well as coasters. We hit Triple play first. Fun ride.

The line for the Whizzer was really long. so we skipped that. Or next stop was Viper. The line wasn’t too bad. So we took X’s first ride in a coaster this year. It was a good one. Viper: 9/10

We then decided to do the territory flats.

Trailblazer: 7/10

Ricochet: 5/10

River Rocker 8/10

Our next stop was Demon. This ride is good if you take the Yellow train in the back. It’s not as bumpy as the other trains for some reason. Anyway good ride. 8/10 for a bit of bumpyness in the corkscrews.

We walked by a sports expo or something that happend on the 10th and 11th of July. We headed to Roaring Rapids which had a short line but suddenly X didn’t want to go on it. So we skipped it and headed to Batman. It was a great ride. We rode second row. 9/10. On the way there we noticed that East River Crawler was closed. We didn’t know why though.

We walked by V2 but it had a long line so we skipped it.

Our next stop was Iron Wolf. This, like the demon, is a bumpy ride. And it didn't seem as fun as it did the rest of the season. 6/10.

At this point we decided to Meander around the park seeing where the midway may take us. It led us to Viper, but the line was flowing out of the queue so we skipped that. then the midway led us to superman and it started to rain! the ride closed temporarily so we decided to use the shelter of the train to stay out of the rain. We took the scenic railway from Hometown Square Back to hometown square, and when we returned the rain stopped. So we hit superman. It was X's first time on it and he had a blast! The pretzal loop is still amazing! 9/10.

After this we hit triple play agian and then saw Adrenaline Rush. I didn't like the show that much but the picture was great! The pictorium is amazing It's huge! 5/10.

At this time we his Sky Trek tower for a View of the park. And it was a clear day so we could see everything! good view. 8/10.

After the tower we left. So that was our day. It was raining when we left! AHHHHHHH. but at least after the first rain the park emptied out a little bit. so that was our day. I had a little cold so I didn't have the most of fun. Overall I rate the day an 7/10.

Favorite Coasters at SFGAm: 1.)Superman 2.) Viper 3.) Batman 4.) Bull 5.)Eagle


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