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I'll make it quick because I don't have much time. Basically, the water park is, in my opinion, the finest addition to this park in its history, narrowly edging out the V2/Deja Vu addition in 2001. (Well, Deja didn't really open in 2001, but why sweat the details).

My first question: Is it just me, or are the water slides at this park pretty intense? The only other water park I have been to in 15 years was SFA about a month ago, and their slides didn't seem nearly as intense as GAm's, particularly the body slides. I must admit this..that first body slide (the blue one) was more intense to me than any coaster I've ridden in many years. It was out of control. Maybe I'm just not conditioned to water slides. Are there any other coaster freaks out there who think that water slides are more intense?

Second, what is going on with the huge, roped off area of the parking lot? Is that reserved for people who will pay more, or are they beginning construction there soon.

Third, it seems to me that the water park has eased coaster lines throughout the park. It was awesome to walk straight into the station on V2 and get onto Viper in 15 minutes in the middle of a crowded day.

Fourth, is there any more relaxing, enjoyable experience than floating on the (extremely long) lazy river with gorgeous views of Viper and Bull in the background?

Adding the water park with admission makes this park into a great value, to be honest. It just about doubles your possible activities, it gives you relief from brutal heat, and it shortens your wait for coasters. Suddenly, I have a renewed interest in visiting this park. Even with $10 parking, SFGAm suddenly seems like a good deal. My only small complaint about the water park is that the wave pool seemed extremely weak compared to SFA's, but I'm nitpicking.

Needless to say, I had a great time! Kudos to SFGAm! (And apologies to those of you who didn't get your hyper--find solace in the fact that we are enjoying our water park!)

The waterpark has definitely made a huge difference in coaster waiting times during the day. However, when the waterpark closes at 7, the ride side does crowd up quite a bit.

I agree, the waterpark was a great addition that IMO, was years overdue. The layout of the waterpark is pretty nice, the real palm trees were a neat idea but I don't see real ones being put in next year as the ones they have now are really getting brown.

The lazy river is a nice relaxing journey that is pretty long when doing it roundtrip.

Plenty to do at SFGAm with this new addition. You really can't cover it all in one day.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

"I'll make it quick because I don't have much time."??? Just a random thought, but why even bother? Wait until you have time...it's not like we were all sitting at our computers waiting for your update? I see this all the time, not just you, and I don't understand it.

Anyway, had plans to finally get to SfGam for the first time this year (Market Days), but that has unfortunately fallen through :(

Glad you mentioned that the waterslides are intense. I've been on a couple waterslides that gave me a bigger thrill than most rollercoasters. I wonder if the blue body slide you are talking about is the same one at SF St Louis? That one, along with the red one that mirrors it, stole my breath.

I can't wait to hit this park next year and maybe they have something up their sleeve for 2006?

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