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Wednesday, May 30, 2001 1:43 PM
There I was in the parking lot of Great America yesterday (May 29,2001) I was in awe while looking at Deja Vu and Vertical Velocity! I was attending a trip with my class. Well you may have guessed it, yesterday was school day and the park was filled to the brim! I went with a bunch of my friends in a group and most of them hadn't rode half the rides before. I was about to change that.

We started where I usually do, going to Shockwave because the majority of the people move right towards Raging Bull. I took the very back seat in shockwave because it is simply the best seat and it was a blast!

Well it was off to Batman, unfortunately, the line was an hour and 1/2 long so i told my group, let's ride Vertical Velocity. They agreed and we reached the entrance. The line was about an hour wait so I said well i ain't missing this one! I'm waiting.

The others agreed and an hour later we were on the station platform. I told my best friend, Mike, that if we waited this long, we might as well wait for the front because it twists the most. We were the only two that were willing to so the rest of our group went on the ride and got something to eat. So there were two people in front of us that Mike knew and the train in front of them was loading. By now I was slightly nervous!

They were all buckled in and the ride launched only to be stopped by a malfunction of the brakes! We waited twenty minutes for the mechanics to get there and luckily they fixed the ride! They tested the ride and the original riders got back on and it was successful! So Mike's friends got on and we watched for them when they came back and they were spazing out I thought they were just trying to make us laugh but I learned later that was not the case! We got on and the seats were very comfortable. I started getting more nervous than ever! I heard over the loudspeaker "Ready to Launch!" The ride launched and I screamed. I screamed the entire ride, the ride was literally the best rollercoaster ride of my life beating the previous best (Manhatten Express, New York, New York Hotel Casino Las Vegas Nevada) Even though the ride looked tame, it was viscous!

Mike and I were talking about the ride for the rest of the day. We pressed on and went on Iron Wolf alway a good looping starter, American Eagle it was unusually weak yesterday, Raging Bull, the line was outrageous, Viper, This ride has a longer wait for the back than the front! and Vertical Velocity again.

We got to Vertical Velocity and we were supposed to be out of the park in an hour. We knew we could make it! We got in the line and waited and waited. The ride launched went up the first time and the brakes went down! It had broken again. Now we were pressed for time but we refused to get out of the line!

I guess that time, a harness had come loose and the brakes are put on when that happens, the person was uninjured because there is a back-up buckle for they harness. Well it got up and running again and we were determined to ride the monster! We waited about another 15 minutes and once again the ride launched into a bunch of brakes! We were so ticked off by this point but still determined! The ride was finally repaired and I was praying it didn't break down again!

We got on the ride and it was a smooth ride only to be ended with running out of the park! For anybody that has Six Flags Ohio as their home park, did Superman the Ultimate Escape have difficulties at first and do you thing Vertical Velocity will get over its problems?

Well all in all it was an excellent experience and I hope I can get back this year to ride Deja Vu!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2001 4:42 PM
Again... trip reports are a lot easier to read as paragraphs instead of one stream of consciousness.

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