SFGAM 6/6/05: Huricane Harbor is AMAZING!

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Six Flags Great America June 12th 2005

Hurricane Harbor is the best thing to ever happen to this park! I arrived around 1:30 (driving back from a wedding and decided to put my season pass to good use) to a 3/4 full parking lot. From the parking lot HH looked packed so I was expecting the worst as I entered and decided to check out what I thought would be the longest line in the park: Superman. As a looked into the “building” however, there was only 2 zig zags open, so I went in: 35 min wait. Raging Bull was 30 and 20 wait later in the day, AE was a virtual walkon (waited 2 trains,) the only ride that really had a wait was Viper (cue was almost full) which caused me to skip it (no loss since I had already ridden it Friday on the way down to the wedding:)). I Did 5 coasters (S:UF, AE, RB x2, Wizzer) and a whole lot of flats in 4.5 hours, all and all a fantastic trip, especially since I only expected to ride RB, S:UF, and Viper in my 4.5 hours, thanks HH for being such a people magnet :).

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