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Let me start off by saying that I actually arrived at the park before opening! Very exhilerating. I entered the parking lot to the ungodly sight of schoolbusses, and figured I was in for one hell of a day. I cracked a smile when I saw all the kids waiting in line to buy their tickets while I calmly walked up, got my pass scanned, and proceded into the park. At first I went toward the Bull, but I changed my mind, and seeing as how the park was still roped off, I went in V2's direction with the intention of partaking in the "running of the bulls". Ropes dropped, and I didn't get the chance to run. It was packed, and I as afraid of stepping on someone's heels. Enjoyed the calm walk and landed on the second train of the day for V2. (Ratings are out of 5 smilies)

V2 :):):):):)

This ride should be re-named as "Orgasm". I got 6 rides on this beast during the course of the day, I was surprised to say the least that I waited less than 10 minutes for 5 of those rides. (this is after being used to 1-2 hour waits last season). I took back row on each of the 6 rides, and was very pleased with it. I can only imagine CP's version on this sick beast. Well Done, Intamin!

I headed on towards Iron Wolf. I arrived to the sight of an empthy que. I soon found out why. They were still testing it, and a little line formed outside the que. I stepped in. BIG mistake. Someone should take the liberty to introduce Deoderant to kids around the age of 13-14. It was very nauseating. After waiting 15-20 minutes for them to open it, most of the line had disintergrated, putting me up close. They opened the que after several test runs and I hopped in the last row. I usually take Front Row as I always get smooth as baby butt rides there. After a back spin on the Wolf, I think I'll stick to that approach. Not horribly rough, but noteably rougher than in Row 1. Got off a little dissapointed, but would later return for a front spin, where I came off much happier. :):):).5 (back) :):):):):)(front)

After Iron Wolf I headed to my new favorite woodie-The Blue side of the American Eagle. What SFGAm did to this ride in the offseason is beyond me, but the airtime on the first drop is close to a religious experiance. The helix is not braked, and you get some nice laterals. Re-Rode this one 8 times throughout the course of the day due to short lines, but hell, I would've waited for this one no matter how long the lines would get. I pray SFGAm has the sense to realize what they have on their hands here, and keep the Blue Train reversed. :):):):):)

Next I headed to to Southwest Territory. Noticed Raging Bull was only running 2 trains the entire day, and it made the wait significantly longer. Skipped it and headed to Viper.

The wait time was long, bout 45 minuites or so, but I expected that seeing as this is one of the more popular attractions in the park. Grabbed the last row on Viper, and had my lapbar high up. Thankfully I didn't get stapled. Nice ride, had some strong ejecter air (I prefer the floater kind). This ride got really wild towards the end. The double down was by far the highlight of this ride. :):):).5

Next I checked back on Bull's que. After noting that it stretched all the way to the basketball game, I decided to hop on my favorite Arrow Looper-Demon. Waited 15 minutes. Noticed the red trains wheels weren't all moving as it went up the lift hill. I was in for a 2/3 train wait for last row in the station but someone made room for me in the second to last row. The drop into the tunnel gave a nice surprise as I heard some of the old Demon song (Really sorry I didn't get around to sending that cd, Arrow Guy) After the climb I got ready for some powerful ejecter air. It's amazing how Arrow could work that into an old looper with horsecollars, and I know Vortex at PKI has similar air. God Bless Arrow. :):):):)

After Demon I got some re-rides on Iron Wolf, American Eagle and V2. Then, as I was walking towards hometown square, I noticed feet hanging from the trains on Deja Vu. I sprinted to the que to find the switchbacks closed, but the line overflowing all the way to the Farmers market. Once they opened the switchbacks the line moved a little quicker. The loading times are still horrible, but I give them credit for opeining it. It didn't break down while I was in line (although later in the day I heard it broke down twice) and I got an 8A seat after about an hour of waiting. I forgot what a rush this ride gives. The wooden platform is a nice footchopper. The airtime on those two spikes is incredible. I give the edge to V2, but Vekoma really has a winner with these GIB's. (as long as they can get them to work consistently) :):):):):)

After Deja Vu I tried my luck on Shockwave. (:):):):))Nice to see a walk-on in the middle of a crowded day. Grabbed a last row ride and was amazed yet again (note the sarcasm) that it gave a smooth, powerful ride. For the record, I keep my head forward and ride in the back. That's all I do to get an enjoyable ride on Shockwave. The roughest part of the ride was having to get off. Seeing as there was no line, I re-rode it and headed to Batman.

The wait for the original B&M invert was 30 minutes, but I enjoy the line more than any other. (save for IOA lines) It really puts you in the mood... I noticed they had the B:DK POV playing in the station. Took a row 8 ride and was yet again treated to a nice, intense ride. Very Forceful. :):):):):)

Seeing as it was nearing closing time I re-rode V2 and American Eagle. With about an hour left I still wanted to do RB and Giant Drop.

Raging Bull :):):).5 This was very un-customary of me to get my first ride on the Big Orange one towards closing time, but I was hoping they'd switch to three train operation during the course of the day. I was wrong, and waited 45 minutes in back of three 11 or so year old girls who were falling out of their shirts. Kids grow up way too fast nowadays. After getting a headache about halfway through the first set of switchbacks and barely making it through the rest of the line I was ready to challenge the Bull. Then as I sat in my traditional last row seat, Ugh! I got stapled. I noticed the ride-ops were doing this frequently today as I got stapled on AE twice and having my OTSR shoved down on me on V2. Oh Well. The first drop is still the best there ever was, but the stapeling factor killed most of the floater air. Well, with that aspect out of the way, I could appreciate the speed more, and believe me, this ride has plenty of it. The smoothest coaster I've ever been on. I found more ratteling on Apollo's Chariot and Nitro (nothing big). After riding Giant Drop ( :):):):):)God Bless Intamin) I hopped back into the RB que. Halfway through the que the park closed. As I got on the train I picked the opposite side from where I sat last time (still row 9) and expected the worst. Thankfully, I didn't get stapled and enjoyed Raging Bull the way it should be enjoyed. With Plenty of Airtime. . :):):):):) Much better than the previous ride.

Got off the ride to a completly deserted park and I decided to just walk around for a little bit. Deja Vu was still running (I noticed a half empty que 10 minuted before closing time but passed it up in favor of RB). After enduring long waits, scantily clad 11 year olds, high pitched pre-pubescent voices, and horrible pre-teen odors for the majority of the day, it came down to the rides. Very Enjoyable must-do collection (:):):):):)) the employees were friendly, and park well maintained. Good Job Six Flags!


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*** This post was edited by Ozzyhead on 6/7/2002. ***

*** This post was edited by Ozzyhead on 6/7/2002. ***

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Just a hint to you for when/if you get to go back I have found the second row (right behind the front row) on Viper gives an amazing floater air that just beckons to be experienced to be believed. The back rows definitely tend to be more forceful. However I have found that the middle rows are inexplicably bland in comparison. Just an opinion of course.

I also find my favorite rows on Raging Bull to be rows 2, 3, and 8. 2 and 3 give some decent floater air on the camel back hill despite it being braked. I can only imagine what that would be like if that brake was off.....wwwwooooooohhhhh!! Row 8 seems to be a little bit more forceful but not quite ejector air in my opinion. I honestly have not had as much experience in the other rows except for row 1 which can have some decent air as well but usually is a little bit bland.

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Sounds fun!!
Thanks, I'll try anything to get the ride everyone's talking about on Viper. I'll try getting a little more variety into my Bull seating. (I said row 8, but I meant 9) It's been 2 years since I've tried any other row than the last row. As for a unbraked Bull...drool


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*** This post was edited by Ozzyhead on 6/7/2002. ***

Hey-I have a question...I can ride any coaster in the park without issue, but I just can't take batman. I always get so dizzy, and get such a pounding headache. Will I be able to handle Deja Vu?

Welcome to Six Flags Great America, home of the fastlane and delay-ja vu! We have now officially been deemed the world-wide wait!

You should be fine with Deja Vu. At times it barely crawls through the vertical loop and cobra roll, whereas Batman takes inversions at higher speeds.


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I get dizzy after Batman as well. At the end of Deja Vu, I was just a touch light headed -- not nearly as bad as Batman. When this ride was testing, people were talking about how it crawled through its inversions. In reality, the slower speed still seems plenty fast and actually makes the ride better- fast enough to be fun, not fast enough to mess you up.

I love how I feel after Batman, while I have never done drugs, I imagine that the feeling is like being stoned but not brain damaging and overall cheaper from what I understand. Ahh rollercoasters the best high! Drug free's the way to be!

I know it was corny, but I had to say it.

Tuesday's Gone With The Wind.
Elijah Rock.
Is it written in the stars?
La Vie Boheme!!!

The nice thing is Iron Wolf and Shockwave are just as forceful.


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