SFGAM 6/6 Superman closed most of day

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Boy am i glad i rode superman 1st thing. After about 1pm, after a little rain shower, it closed down for the rest of the night (till 9pm). I would have been very mad if i didnt get a chance to ride it. I waited about an hour or so, to get on. By looking at the ride from the line, it looked really slow and small, compared to the old shockwave footprint. Once i boarded it and the seats pivoted, it was a different feeling. As everyone says, the pretzel loop is amazing. The ride was pretty good, but like all rides, could have been longer and faster.

After a brief rain shower at about 1-2:30, the park was pretty empty. Longest wait was for Raging bull, about 45min. That also included a 10 min downtime when the one train got stuck in front of the station house and caused the 2nd train to stop at the midcourse brakes. But the second time i rode it about 7:30ish, it was only a 15 min wait.

Batman only ran 1 train all day. Waits their were also about 45 min. I saw no other trains anywhere. Dont know if they are rebuilding/repainting them or what but one train moved the line very slow. The ride itself, FAST. Faster then i ever remember it. They might be redoing the wheels since all the covers were off the one i rode, maybee thats why it was so fast, and why the other trains missing.

Deja VU, still closed, no train in sight. Track section missing in station, probably to load/unload trains.

Eagle, 1st half of 1st helix retracked of course, now Very Smooth. no lines all day, wlak right onto trains. Both Sides.

rode all other coasters. All in all, good day, a little wet and chilly, but that led to real short lines.

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I'm very surprised to hear that Batman ran only one train. Great America has always used both trains in all my experiance, even on days with crowds being non-existant. I hope we'll see it back in operation soon...

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I was there on this day as well and luckily stepped out and checked into my hotel during the showers in the afternoon. It was nice to come back in the evening and ride Viper, V2, and Raging Bull with little to no wait. I finally rode Superman saturday the 7th at around 1:30pm. It made my travel from St. Louis, MO worth it. I wish we could get a new coaster here.

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