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Friday, June 21, 2002 1:01 PM
Well, we left IUSB, for my program I was with, @ 645am and didn't make it to the park to about 10am, when the park opened. My good friend Nancy went along with me! We got our tickets and went inside. Thankfully, the park was half empty so all the lines were short!

We first went along through Hometown Square and I found out that, Hometown Fun Machine now only operates during weekends, which is certainly a sign of possibilites that it could be removed as well. Whizzer wasn't open but test running at the time.

We then were in County Fair area, our first coaster, my favorite arrow looper in the park, Demon. We went straight through to the train. We left the station and had a great time, I just love the first drop, out of your seat airtime! The tunnel always seems to be long when I'm on this coaster, the waterfall wasn't on though when we were on. After Demon, we headed to Deja Vu, which wasn't open, so we went to American Eagle. The red train was only testing and the backwards experiance was a sure thrill! I thought there was going to be no airtime, but to my suprise, the first drop was exciting! We then headed to Iron Wolf, the line for was still short. We had a great experiance and Nancy and I both agreed that it was still less intense than Mantis @ Cedar Point. We then ate a Jumbo Chili/Cheese Dog @ Bleachers Sports and Grill.

We then headed down to the Yukon Terrritory, Vertical Velocity was the main highlight of my day along with Deja Vu, I told myself I needed to ride those to that day. The line wasn't all that long, so we only waited for about 25 min. This ride is now my second favorite in the park! We sat down in row 6 and pulled down our restraints. We buckled in to our seats and waited about 30 seconds till I heard clear launch. I was a little nervous about this one. I then felt the surge of the train propell itself forward. I heard the screams of the LIMs and felt a few g's. We went up the tower and turned a few to the right. We then went backwards back down, through the station, you could feel the g's between the straight to vertical section, and up the tower. The airtime was extremely excilirating! We then fell back down to earth, and headed back up the twisting spike. I really felt the airtime on this spike. Then we finally made it to the brake and I totally screamed! It was really freaky staying still on that part. Then down again, and finally up the twisting spike one last time. We then stopped in the station and got out. I felt really happy, but my head really had blood up there lol. Nancy wanted to ride a ride so we rode Whirligig next. When we were at the top of the ride, we saw that Batman had opened up. As soon as we got off, we headed there. It was really hot that day. The tunnels leading to the ride were making us sweat like crazy. When we got on, we left the station and had a great time. We then returned happy as can be, left, and headed towards Orlean's Place.

We headed towards Shockwave, and to my suprise, had the shortest line in the entire park. We headed straight to the station and also to my suprise, the first cars lines were empty, so we got in line for front seat. This was my second coaster when I got to ride in front seat! We left the station and had a great lift and and drop, but the first loop was kinda intense, then when we arrived to the double loop, the entire train was shaking though g's, my butt was hurting through it all. When we arrived to the mid-course brakes run it was stopped real fast, so I'm guessing the train was going at a fast speed, maybe they need to get some trim brakes between the first loop and the double loop. We headed towards the boomerang, I forgot the technical name for that one, and it wasn't that bad along with the corkscrews. So I had a lot of head banging after the first loop, and nothing really after the mid-course brakes.

We then headed back to Hometown Square. Whizzer had opened, but soon as we went in line, one of the operators has almost fainted from the sun. She was taken by a wheelchair to the first aid, or whatever place. The ride had stopped 'cause they needed another op. But it wasn't long, so we had a great breezy ride up the lift and throughout the smooth ride.

We then went to the Southwest Territory. We headed into Viper's line and had a walkthrough till we got to the station. We got in and went through the ride with a blast. We had a lot of great airtime on through out the ride. I really love how they stop the train at the top of the lift to freak out everyone. We then headed to Raging Bull, which is my first favorite ride in the park. The line was very short till the walk up to the station, which wasn't long at all. We got in and had a great airtime city ride. We then went on again, short line and almost great ride. I had barely any airtime, really only on the first drop, I had the restraint on as far as it could go on me. So, afterwards, we went on again and I had it so I had airtime city once again. I love this coaster! I got to ride every color train too! We then went on Giant Drop, which wasn't a long wait. We had a great time! I made sure the restraint wasn't to tight, so I had a lot of airtime! When we came off, we saw that Deja Vu was open.

So we rushed over to the line. We waited for about 15 mins. before they said that the ride was having technical difficulties and we would be informed as soon as they had it open. We left the line and used the restroom, as soon as we left the restroom, Deja Vu was up and running with people again, so we got back in line again. This time we stayed in line as long as we could before it was 400pm and had to leave. They said, the ride was having technical difficulties and we would be informed as soon as they had it open, again and we stayed in line, I think they either were cleaning up puke, or they were trying to shorten the line for some reason. We decidedd to leave at 350 and went to Demon, since we knew we couldn't make it on Deja Vu. The ride was great again, but it was a little head banging. The waterfall was on this time. That ended our day and we headed back home. We got back around 900pm 'cause of Chicago traffic. But all the most, I had a great time!

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Friday, June 21, 2002 2:47 PM
Great TR im glad you had a good time. About Deja Vu never leave the line for a breakdown (unless the things stuck somewhere on the course or valleyed) it usually opens up again within 10 minutes. By that time most people leave and your in the station anyhow.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2002 10:22 AM
I'll keep that in mind for next time I visit the park, Coasterdude316. Thanx! ;)

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