SFGAm 6-3-05, Water in Skull Island

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Saturday, June 4, 2005 8:40 AM
I had my Chemistry final from 10:00-11:30 so I didn't get to SFGAm until 12:30. When I got there, I had to park in the back row of the front lot.

First ride of the day was Sky Trek Tower, nothing interesting. Next up was Firehouse Pizza for lunch.

After that, went on Demon. Line was under the lift hill with no switchbacks. After Demon, I went to Southwest Territory and saw Viper had a long line. Raging Bull was in the second queue house in 2-Train Op.

Instead, I decided to go to Hurricane Harbor to take some pictures. When I got to Skull Island, I immediately noticed it was filled with dirty water. Still had lots of work going on though.

Then I went back in to GAm and went to Eagle. Red was closed and Blue was broken. Continued to Scenic Railroad, which was doing round trips only.

Next, went to Batman which was using all of the switchbacks in the "ghetto" part.

Went around the front of the park again and went back in to Hurricane Harbor because I was tired of lines.

This time, when I was standing by Wahoo Racer, they turned on some of the water effects on Skull Island. After a while, they turned them off again and turned some other ones on. After nothing changed for 20 minutes, I was going to leave, but then they dumped the bucket behind the skull.

At this point, I saw Eagle Red had opened, so I headed over there and waited 30 minutes and rode in the rehabbed train. After that, went to Batman again which had the same wait as before.

After Batman, I went to Demon again which had a station wait. It was 6:30, so I decided to check out Skull Island one more time. This time, everything was off and they had drained it. They had about 15-20 people in there with push-brooms pushing all the dirt out of the pool and 2 more people hosing off the pool deck. I think Skull Island could easily open this week.

After that, I went to Demon which was a walk-on again. Then I went to Bull to finish off the night. Waited 30 minutes for row 9. As I was leaving the station, I saw DejaVu The Ride at the back of the line, so I waited for him once I got off. He got the last train and got a re-ride.

After that, spent about 20 minutes talking in the parking lot, and then left.

Batman- 2
Eagle Red- 1
Raging Bull- 1
Demon- 3
Sky Trek- 1
Scenic Railroad- 1


Pictures are up at: http://groups.msn.com/NolansCoasterPictures/sfgamjune3rd2005.msnw?Page=1 *** Edited 6/4/2005 2:29:14 PM UTC by SFGAm Shock Wave***

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